The Last Of Us Season 2 Adds The Perfect Star From The Video Game

By Christopher Isaac | Published

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Even after only one season, it is safe to say that HBO’s The Last of Us has established itself as one of the most anticipated shows set to return to TV next year. The first season was met with wide acclaim from both reviewers as well as gamers who were ready to scrutinize the adaptation with a critical eye. And it seems gamers will now have more reason to rejoice, as it has been announced that Jeffrey Wright, who voiced the character of Isaac Dixon in the second game, will also be playing the character in The Last of Us season 2.

Isaac Dixon

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Isaac is a major character in the game, acting as the leader for the Washington Liberation Front, also known as the WLF. He is an individual who will have a lot of interaction with another character who should be appearing in The Last of Us season 2, Abby Anderson.

Abby is one of the central point of view characters in the game The Last of Us Part II, and is someone many fans are eagerly anticipating.

The casting of Jeffrey Wright for the role of Isaac really seems to further cement the level of respect that the showrunners have for the games. In season one, both Troy Baker (who voices Joel in the games) as well as Ashley Johnson (who voices Ellie in the games) were given cameos in the show.

It makes sense that these kinds of details would be considered, as one of the showrunners, Neil Druckmann, is also the creator of the games. And with how faithful season one was to the games, it feels safe to assume The Last of Us season 2 will follow suit.

Fans Can’t Wait

The announcement of new casting news and images from production are getting fans excited, but the new season likely cannot come soon enough. Season one had just nine episodes, and fans were quickly informed it would be a two year wait before The Last of Us season 2 would be arriving.


Fans are especially intrigued to see if Neil Druckmann adds any changes to The Last of Us season 2 in comparison to the game. Upon release, the game was extremely divisive for a few controversial decisions that were made.

Druckmann has shown willingness to deviate from his original vision, such as making the show version of Sam deaf, or making Bill openly gay compared to it merely being implied within the games.

More Infected

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One area that Druckmann has promised to change for The Last of Us season 2 was adding in more encounters with infected. The games are typically rife with the monsters, but season one of the show had relatively few encounters, which earned some criticism. Druckmann acknowledged fans wanting more action and promised to deliver on that front when the next season comes in 2025.

No Complaints Yet

So far, nobody seems to have any complaints about the casting of Jeffrey Wright as Isaac as it is as perfect a recreation of what was in the games as possible. It was also already confirmed that in just one season, the show has become HBO Max’s most watched show of all time, even beating out Game of Thrones. So it seems safe to say The Last of Us season 2 will have a lot of eyes on it when it finally returns next year.