See Miles Teller As Marvel’s Most Powerful Hero

Miles Teller has been transformed into Nova via fan art on Instagram from @subi.ozil.

By James Brizuela | Updated

miles teller

There are many heroes that have been shown in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but one that has been missing is Nova. There have been rumors circling for years that Nova and the Nova Corps would be getting more of a showcase via a series on Disney+ or theatrical film. Now, a fan has put together art that showcases Miles Teller in the role of Nova, which you can see below:

Oddly enough, Nova is a huge part of the Guardians of the Galaxy world, and the Nova Corps is even showcased in the first movie. However, it appears the central hero from that group of superheroes has yet to be established. Miles Teller may have missed the mark as Reed Richards, but he could certainly come back as Richard Rider aka Nova.

It would be a bit odd if Miles Teller portrayed two different heroes for Marvel, both of which had “Richard” in their names, but he would still make for a convincing Nova. Just from the fan art above, he does look quite good in the costume. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 is supposed to be released in May, and with Adam Warlock finally being introduced, we could also see Nova appear.

Miles Teller being cast as Nova would be huge, as he is one of the strongest Marvel superheroes. Richard Ryder is blessed by Rhomann Dey with Nova Centurion powers, which include flight, superhuman strength, resistance to injury, and the ability to control the Nova Force. This force allows for energy protection and absorption, meaning Nova can shoot back the energy he has been hit with.

Marvel Nova

Miles Teller has not been in the superhero business since Fantastic Four failed to impress audiences. However, he did impress everyone with his roles in films like Whiplash and Top Gun: Maverick. He could have easily placed himself on a shortlist for casting the next big MCU hero.

The Nova Corps is the intergalactic police force that has seldom appeared, apart from the original Guardians of the Galaxy movie. With the multiverse now taking center stage for Marvel continuity, we could finally see the Nova Corps play a much bigger part. Miles Teller appearing as Nova would also make sense considering the hero can also open wormholes.

Miles Teller’s appearance as Nova could also be tied to Avengers: Secret Wars, which will see the inclusion of many heroes from across the cosmos. Nova could transport everyone to a big fight by just opening a wormhole. The MCU is also currently shaking things up in terms of their release schedule, so a Nova series or movie could sneak in some time in the Phase Five plans.

Whatever happens, we could certainly see Miles Teller making his way back to Marvel, especially if that role is for Nova. The intergalactic battles might have been a Guardians of the Galaxy type of thing, but with the team being disbanded in the next movie, we will need someone else looking after the stars.