Marvel’s Nova To Get A Disney+ Special?

A new unconfirmed report claims the cosmic Marvel hero Nova will be introduced in Disney+ special presentation.

By Michileen Martin | Published

The cosmic Marvel hero Nova will be introduced in a Disney+ Special Presentation according to a new unconfirmed report from The Cosmic Circus. Presumably, this supposed decision was made after the success of the recent Halloween special Werewolf by Night which not only brought the eponymous lycanthrope hero into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but also the monster-hunting Elsa Bloodstone and the swamp monster Man-Thing. The site doesn’t have a lot of details about the special, though they speculate two different characters who have both been Nova in the comics–Richard Rider and Sam Alexander–will appear.

When it comes to Marvel characters whose names have been popping up on the proverbial grapevine without any accompanying official announcement, Nova–who bore the tagline “The Human Rocket” when he was introduced in the ’70s–is right at the top of the list. Quite a few actors have been speculated to be in contention for the lead role, including Ryan Gosling. Of course, as far as casting is concerned a lot depends on which version of Nova Marvel goes with, considering Alexander is a lot younger than Rider.

If Marvel is planning to intro Nova in a Disney+ special, it could potentially serve to explain how the Nova Corps goes from what we saw in 2014’s Guardians of the Galaxy to something more like the comics. While in Guardians the Nova Corps was portrayed as a military/law enforcement arm of Xandar whose members didn’t have any special abilities, the Nova Corps of the comics is more like DC’s Green Lantern Corps.

Glenn Close as Nova Prime in Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)

In Marvel Comics, the Nova Corps members don’t have powers similar to those of the Green Lanterns, but the basic concept is quite similar. Both Corps are made up of different species from different planets, both are interstellar paramilitary groups seeking to maintain order in their respect galaxies, and both have members whose powers come from a central bottomless source; the Green Lanterns’ rings take power from the Central Power Battery on Oa, while the Novas draw their power from the Xandarian Worldmind.

It’s only speculation, but if Marvel choose to keep Nova’s origins tied to Xandar, we could learn that the creation of a new Nova Corps is the direct result of the off-screen attack on the planet by Thanos. In 2018’s Avengers: Infinity War we learn the Mad Titan “decimated” Xandar when he came for the Power Stone. In the wake of his attack, it could be that the Xandarians have decided the best way to prevent another similar attack is to build their own army of super powered soldiers.

Another possibility is that Marvel will deliverr a Nova presentation that gives us its most oft-used plot device. Another similarity between the Nova Corps and the Green Lantern Corps is that 9 times out of 10 the writers will choose to “shake things up” by killing off most or all of the entire Corps except for a few key members.