Miles Teller Wanted For Classic Cyberpunk TV Series

By Douglas Helm | Published

Miles Teller

According to The Illuminerdi, Apple is looking at Miles Teller to lead a series based on the popular cyberpunk novel trilogy Neuromancer. They also reported that Jack Ryan‘s Graham Roland will serve as a writer, producer, and showrunner with Neuromancer author William Gibson serving as executive producer. Apparently, Apple is also looking to cast the female lead Molly along with the love interest Linda Lee.

Neuromancer follows a group of mercenaries who are secretly working for an artificial intelligence that wants to break free. The show will be following the character Case, a hacker who breaks out of prison and does one last job. Miles Teller would be playing the role of Case.

Further details from The Illuminerdi say that Apple will be looking to do several seasons of the show and that at least one of the episodes of the first season will be directed by J.D. Dillard. If Miles Teller signs on for Neuromancer, it’s unclear if it would be for more than one season. Regardless, they state that filming for the series is slated to begin in the summer of 2023.

Neuromancer would definitely be an interesting addition to Miles Teller’s TV career. The actor recently starred in the Paramount+ series The Offer which told the story of Oscar-winning producer Albert S. Ruddy’s experience making The Godfather. Neuromancer is considered one of the earliest and best examples of the cyberpunk genre, so it would certainly be a shift in tone.

miles teller top gun: maverick
Miles Teller in Top Gun: Maverick (2022)

Miles Teller is also riding high off the success of his summer blockbuster Top Gun: Maverick which broke several box office records, including currently holding the title for the highest-grossing film of 2022. Teller played the son of Maverick’s (Tom Cruise) late best friend Nick “Goose” Bradshaw. Teller also recently appeared alongside Chris Hemsworth in the Netflix film Spiderhead, which depicts a future where convicts can shorten their sentences by volunteering for medical experiments.

If Miles Teller is cast in Apple TV+’s Neuromancer, that would certainly be one of the biggest roles he’s taken on since Top Gun: Maverick. Right now, the only movie confirmed to be on Teller’s upcoming slate of projects is the animated film The Ark and the Aardvark which also stars Aubrey Plaza, Jenny Slate, Rob Riggle, Craig Robinson, and Stephen Merchant. Neuromancer is the kind of prestige TV that could net Teller an Emmy in the future.

A successful adaptation of Neuromancer with Miles Teller would also continue Apple TV+’s hot streak, continuing to build its presence as a true contender in the streaming space. Massive successes like Ted Lasso and Severance have helped prove Apple definitely has an eye for quality projects. If Neuromancer takes off, it would only be good news for the tech giant.

If you want to see Miles Teller in his most recent projects, you can now stream Spiderhead on Netflix and watch The Offer on Paramount+. As for Neuromancer, there hasn’t been any confirmation yet, but Teller is certainly a big enough name to be in contention for the role. We’ll keep you updated on this and other Apple TV+ projects.