See Sebastian Stan As Luke Skywalker, He’s A Dead Ringer For Hamill

Are we getting Sebastian Stan as Luke Skywalker? I sure hope so because from this new art, the two are nearly identical to each other.

By Doug Norrie | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

sebastian stan

Sebastian Stan isn’t related to Mark Hamill but man, you could really make the case that they are from the same gene pool when you get a load of the former in some Star Wars garb. In different fan art and deepfake movies, the two are nearly indistinguishable. And we have some more examples recently with fans really leaning into a possible Sebastian Stan-as-Luke Skywalker casting that continues to gain steam simply on the back of internet rumors. But stranger things have led to a studio and actor latching on to a role so we can keep getting pumped to see this thing actually happen. Take a look at just another example of why Stan should grab the lightsaber. 

This bowl-cut, lightsaber-wielding version of a younger Luke Skywalker by fan RyanSmallman on his Instagram account is just another example of why fans what to see Sebastian Stan in this role. If you glanced quickly and didn’t have the heads up that it was a different character, you’d be hard pressed to know this wasn’t Mark Hamill in the role. It’s just nuts. Sure, photoshop and other technology continues to make this thing a little easier than putting the actual actor in the role, but man is it close enough on balance. 

And more buzz has been picking up of late that Sebastian Stan could be taking the role in the Star Wars Universe on Disney+. Geekosity was reporting more rumors even yesterday that the actor was now being actively considered in the role. That could be nothing more than a rumor, but these have been hanging around for months now and we know there’s overlap in the Disney and Marvel universes because of the studio involved. So while it would mean double-booking Stan for Star Wars as well as Winter Soldier/ Bucky Barnes, that doesn’t seem like all that heavy a lift. 

Look no further than this deep fake video which goes into much detail around putting Sebastian Stan into specific scenes within the Star Wars movies to know why this would make total sense for the long term. We already know that Luke Skywalker is going to have a bigger role in the upcoming expanded universe stemming from The Mandalorian which likely moves into Ahsoka and Rangers of the New Republic. De-aging Mark Hamill through CGI for one scene was one thing. Making that the new operating procedure for more extensive roles is another. The studio needs a long-term solution and Sebastian Stan definitely looks the part. 

Again, we are far from confirmed on Sebastian Stan playing Luke Skywalker going forward. There’s still a lot that needs to happen. But we keep getting this awesome fan art and more tricklings of rumors which sure do make it seems like it will/should happen sooner than later. At this point, it would almost be disappointing if Disney went in a different direction. There are just too many overlaps and the dudes do look like they are almost the same person at this point.