Sebastian Stan Really Is The New Luke Skywalker?

By Rick Gonzales | 5 months ago

Sebastian Stan

Sebastian Stan as the new Luke Skywalker in Star Wars may be about to become more than just fan speculation. It’s actually happening, according to a new report from an insider.

That report from Daniel Richtman says, “Lucasfilm changed their minds while they still want a de-aged Mark Hamill for cameos they decided with Hamill’s approval to cast Sebastian Stan in the role of young Luke for longer role in future projects.”

Prior to The Mandalorian season two finale, rumors of a possible Luke Skywalker return were moving toward a fevered pitch. Fans wanted Sebastian Stan from the get-go, but it was reported that Lucasfilm had been considering bringing back Mark Hamill as a young Luke Skywalker instead, with the de-aging technique seen lately in a few films (most notably The Irishman). That’s how they did it for the Mandalorian finale, but it’s not how they’ll do it in the future according to the rumor.

luke skywalker
Digitally De-Aged Mark Hamill as Luke

Now it seems that Lucasfilm has changed their minds about only using a de-aged CGI Skywalker. Perhaps based on the overwhelming success they had with Hamill’s return as a young Skywalker in the season two finale, they simply want more of the character and you can’t do that with CGI. You’ll need a real actor. Word is that they are actually talking to Sebastian Stan about taking over to play the character.

If you doubt whether he’d be a perfect fit, watch the following deep fake which actually turns Luke Skywalker into Sebastian Stan…

The return of Hamill as Luke Skywalker was a major shock and surprise felt throughout Star Wars fandom, especially given the fact that Hamill himself said on his Twitter account that his appearance in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker was the last time he’d be playing his iconic character. “May The 9th Be A Bittersweet Episode – Knowing It Was The Last Time I Would Ever Play Luke.” He then added the hashtag “#ByeByeSkywalker.”

But his appearance toward the end of The Mandalorian season two finale left plenty of room for speculation as to the future of the character. Seems Lucasfilm has a plan of bringing back Luke for more but they were conflicted on how to do it. Continue with the de-aging or go all-in with Sebastian Stan. As of now, it looks like they are shooting for the best of both worlds.

Of course, Sebastian Stan truly kicked the rumor train into motion back in 2017 when he offered himself to anyone who’d wish to call him and discuss Luke Skywalker. You can see his offer toward the end of the clip.

Mark Hamill helped fan the Stan as Skywalker flames when he also tweeted out in 2017, “Sorry to disappoint you but I refuse to say ‘Sebastian Stan – I AM YOUR FATHER!’ (Even though, in fact, I am.)”

So, will he or won’t he? Fans seem to want it, Sebastian Stan definitely wants it and even though Hamill has only semi-officially given his stamp of approval, more needs to be done to make this a reality. First off, Stan is already committed to The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, returning as Bucky Barnes. Given the fact that his new series has pretty much completed filming, that may not prove to be as big a complication as first thought. Stan also has recently been announced to portray Tommy Lee in the Hulu biopic about Lee and Pamela Anderson. Other than that, it looks like his calendar has some room to spare.

The next question would be, where exactly would Sebastian Stan’s Luke appear next? Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy recently announced 10 new Star Wars series coming to Disney+ as well as a new Star Wars film, so would Luke be part of any new series? Perhaps the new film? Granted, Skywalker could return in some form on The Mandalorian, much as did in the season two finale. He could also play a part in the new Ahsoka series starring Rosario Dawson. Ahsoka was Anakin Skywalker’s Padawan so there is always a chance the two could have met up at some point. As for the new film, Star Wars: Rogue Squadron, canon has Luke being the founder of Rogue Squadron, commanding them for several years. While details of the movie have not been released, it could cover the origins of the squadron, which would have a young Luke Skywalker as a major player.

sebastian stan luke skywalker

Everyone seems open to the possibility. Fans definitely want it. Come on, Lucasfilm. Make it Sebastian Stan as Luke Skuwalker happen.