Sebastian Stan Finally Being Cast As Luke Skywalker?

A new report states that Disney is looking to put Luke Skywalker in more Star Wars projects, with Sebastian Stan being eyed for the role.

By Ross Bonaime | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

Sebastian Stan

When The Mandalorian ended its second season last year, it concluded with the surprise of a young Luke Skywalker. While it had been rumored that Skywalker might appear in the show at some time, the de-aged version of Luke was a bit unwieldy and was met with mixed reactions. But with The Mandalorian’s second season ending with Skywalker taking Grogu to complete his Jedi training, it seems unlikely we’ve seen the last of Luke. A new rumor suggests that Skywalker might be returning, and that Disney is eyeing Sebastian Stan to take on the role popularized by Mark Hamill.

This recent rumor comes from Geekosity, but the similarities between Sebastian Stan and Mark Hamill have had many fans hoping Stan would take on the part of Luke Skywalker eventually. While there are no talks yet for Stan to take on the role, this rumor does say that Lucasfilm’s top choice is Stan. 

Geekosity also says that Sebastian Stan would play Luke Skywalker in multiple projects. While the decades between Luke Skywalker’s appearances in Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens have been fleshed out in various supplemental materials like books and comics, Lucasfilm could handpick which existing stories they want to bring to the screen to help further explain these years of Skywalker’s life. Geekosity also says that they have previously rumored that Stan was being looked at to play Skywalker in the new Landoseries for Disney+.

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The problem here is that despite months of rumors that Sebastian Stan might be playing Luke Skywalker in upcoming projects, there has been little weight to any of these rumors, beyond that fans like the idea, and that Stan and Hamill look alike. If anything, Disney has shown that they’re okay with presenting a de-aged Hamill instead of an actual actor, although they may have changed their mind after the mixed reaction to The Mandalorian cameo.

But it also seems unlikely that Lucasfilm would put Sebastian Stan in such a high-profile role, especially while Marvel is prepping the actor as a bigger part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With The Falcon and the Winter Soldier premiering next week, audiences are about to be invested in Stan’s character in a way they haven’t been before, and if the show goes over well, it’s likely we could be seeing more of The Winter Solider in further Marvel films and television shows. With Stan’s character getting ready to blow up, it seems like the wrong time to also attach him to another massive project as one of the biggest characters in the Star Wars universe.

However, it does seem extremely likely that Luke Skywalker will appear in some iteration in the near future. It’s not like The Mandalorian’s third season is going to exist without Grogu. And despite Lucasfilm stating that the “Skywalker Saga” ended with The Rise of Skywalker, The Mandalorian has proved that the studio is willing to turn back on their word and will once again return to the characters that people already know and love. Luke Skywalker will almost certainly by back at some point, but as for Sebastian Stan playing the character, that seems to be little more than fan conjecture and hopes at this point.