The World’s End Blooper Reel Proves Simon Pegg Can’t Even Remember All The Bars

By Nick Venable | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

You would think the best thing about Thanksgiving week would be eating your weight in food and vegging out on the couch while football and parades makes their way across the TV. But actually, the best part about it is laughing at outtakes from Edgar Wright’s boozed-up comedy The World’s End, which hit Blu-ray and DVD last week. They don’t get any less funny, so feel free to make these outtakes the best part of Christmas and New Year’s, too.

The basic un-sci-fi premise of The World’s End involves Simon Pegg’s obnoxious and emotionally stunted character Gary getting his childhood chums back together for one more bar-hopping trip through their hometown. And if you think it’s hard going to 12 different pubs, just try saying them all on camera. Pegg can’t quite do it, as seen above. And it’s no surprise. There are so many scenes in this flick that rely on rapid-fire dialogue and panning shots with quick reveals.

It’s a wonder they can’t build an entire film just from outtakes. But apparently everything that made the blooper reel was most of the foul ups that were shot. “It’s all on the Blu-ray,” Wright told WIRED. “We worked really hard on that film. We shot it in like 12 weeks, not very long for how ambitious it is. And pretty much all of the times we cracked up are in those 12 minutes. Other than that it’s just working very hard.” And no one wants to see a Working Hard Reel. That’s what the movie is for.

So how about another couple of minutes of mindless hilarity, with a few strong-ish moments from co-star Rosamund Pike, who can’t quite slap the shit out of Pegg with the right amount of authenticity.

If you haven’t seen the film yet, run out and get it so that you can watch the other 10 minutes of bloopers included, which feature more Nick Frost, Eddie Marsan, Paddy Considine, and Martin Freeman. We’re big fans here at GFR, and I think I can safely say this was my favorite comedy of the year so far, and I doubt anything else can top it.

Below is an interview between director Peter Jackson and Wright, Pegg, and Frost, talking about how awesome the movie is. If only these four guys could come together for another trilogy.