Stephen Moffat Has Big Plans For Doctor Who 50th Anniversary, That David Yates Movie Not Happening

By Steve West | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old

There’s no specific word on what the big plans are for Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary in 2013, but current showrunner Stephen Moffat certainly has some ideas churning. Most people, including the 10th Doctor David Tennant, want to see a return of past Doctors. But that may not happen, and Moffat himself says that plans are even bigger than that.

Treating this milestone with the reverence it deserves is nice, but I don’t want a big canon changing deal made of the whole situation either. And if some special happens that doesn’t matter to the Doctor Who universe, then why bother? Talking with The Scotsman Moffat states, “We’ve got a load of very big plans – the mere fact that we’re talking about this two years before the event should tell you how seriously we’re taking it.””

Interestingly enough Moffat also made some comments about Harry Potter director David Yates claiming to be working on a Doctor Who film. Apparently that’s not quite true, and Moffat brings up the very reasonable point that splintering the franchise so that there are two different Doctors operating would be kind of silly. Perhaps a movie should be done, but if so it’d have to be with the current Doctor, whoever that is at the time.