Snowfall Cloaks An Alien Invasion In A Massive Blizzard

By David Wharton | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

It seems like we’ve been chomping at the bit to see Bong Joon-ho’s post-apocalyptic thriller Snowpiercer forever now, but what’s this? You say there’s another upcoming science fiction flick involving nipple-hardening cold and a bunch of people stuck on a train? Do tell! Okay, Snowfall probably isn’t as ambitious as Snowpiercer, and it’s nowhere near as far along, but it’s still got the makings of a tight little sci-fi/horror concept that could be good fun if handled properly: a group of Chicago natives stranded on the El train during a blizzard, only to discover that all that snow is being used as cover for an alien invasion.

Just to clarify: that video up top isn’t an actual finished trailer for Snowfall, and no, Bradley Cooper isn’t starring in this thing — at least not yet. That’s a presentation reel made to help sell the project, repurposing some footage of Cooper and actress Leslie Bibb from, I believe, 2008’s charmingly titled Clive Barker horror flick The Midnight Meat Train. I also think I might recognize a few shots from 30 Days of Night. At any rate, it’s fairly effective at suggesting what Snowfall is going for: a low-budget claustrophobic sci-fi thriller that could do for blizzards what The Mist did for fog. (Or what The Fog did for fog, for that matter).

The Snowfall script was written by Brooks Elms (his parents must have been nature lovers) and Glenn Sanders. They haven’t done anything you’re likely to have heard of yet, so we’ll consider them a question mark at this point. The director, however, is a dude named Clark Baker, who we’ve mentioned before here on GFR. His short film Vessel was tapped to become a full-length feature back in early 2013, although we haven’t heard anything else about that project since. Vessel almost certainly helped Baker land the Snowfall gig, however. It’s also a sci-fi/horror thriller unfolding within a contained setting — a passenger plane, rather than Snowfall’s train.

Variety reports that Gold Circle Films (Pitch Perfect) has come aboard to help produce Snowfall, joining Benderspink (Zombeavers) and Evan Astrowsky (Cabin Fever).

You can check out Baker’s directorial chops below, in the aforementioned Vessel.