Simon Pegg Gets Filthy For These Absolutely Anything Images

By Nick Venable | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

absolutely anythingHands and paws down, one of our most anticipated films of the coming year is Terry Jones’ Absolutely Anything, which will mesh Simon Pegg with the Monty Python guys, as well as aliens and a talking dog. Too high concept? Never! We now have our first decent look at the film via stills, and I have to say a filthy Simon Pegg bemusedly holding a sausage is about as solid an image as we could hope for.

From a zany-sounding script that Jones wrote himself, Absolutely Anything centers on Pegg’s schoolteacher Neil Clarke, who is granted otherworldly powers by a group of aliens voiced by Jones, John Cleese, Michael Palin, Eric Idle, and Terry Gilliam. Neil now has the power to make (absolutely) anything happen solely by wishing it to be so; given the brains behind this venture, Neil’s wishes could be childishly silly or sexually deranged and quite possibly everything in between.

At some point, he gives his dog Dennis the power to speak, and that’s where Robin Williams comes in. Check out a shot of Neil and Dennis having a delightful meal in the still below.

absolutely anything

The images come from Empire, who’d previously interviewed Terry Jones about the film. He had a particularly interesting example of how Neil’s newfound powers work:

[Neil] turns the TV on when he gets home, and starts watching with his dog Dennis. He’s still saying to himself, “It can’t be true…” To make his day worse, it turns out Dennis has done a couple of poos on the floor. Neil says, “I wouldn’t be clearing up this mess, if I could do anything. I’d say: ‘Dog mess, clear yourself up.'” And the dog mess quivers, then goes up on two little fat legs and jumps into the loo.

In fact, it sounds like the major plot arc in Absolutely Anything concerns Neil having to choose between a life with Dennis or a life with his loving girlfriend Catherine, played by Kate Beckinsale. (I’m fine with Catherine’s poo being left out of this.) While that definitely sounds too slight, I’m interested to see how twisted and tangled it all gets, with a cast that also includes Eddie Izzard, Joanna Lumley, Rob Riggle, and physicist Brian Cox. Head to Empire to check out a shot of of Jones-as-evil-conductor in front of some uniquely dressed cast members, along with one of Pegg and Beckinsale.

They’ll probably hold off on showing the aliens until it’s trailer time, so the effects team has time to finish up. While it still sadly doesn’t have any U.S. distributors, Absolutely Anything will hit theaters in the U.K. starting February 13, 2015.