Even More Reports Surface Refuting Those Star Wars: Episode VII Villain Rumors

By Brent McKnight | Published

In perhaps the least surprising turn of events today, those rumors about potential villains in J.J. Abrams’ Star Wars: Episode VII that made the rounds yesterday are being totally refuted today. Shocker, I know, that unsubstantiated hearsay based on the word of an unnamed source could turn out to be false. Weird. Then again, the rebuttal is also unsubstantiated hearsay based on the word of an unnamed source, so make of this what you will.

Just know that there are potential SPOILERS to follow, maybe, who can even tell at this point, we certainly can’t. But if you’re trying not to hear anything about the new adventure to that far, far away galaxy, you should probably stop reading at this juncture.

Star Wars: Episode VII

The report that circulated yesterday said that the main villains of Episode VII would be so-called “Jedi Hunters,” Sith-worshipping folks who have been scouring the galaxy for the last 30 years, finding and exterminating the remaining Jedi Knights. They use lightsabers, dress in black, and generally sound like a sinister collection of intergalactic badasses trying to resurrect the Sith. Apparently this contingent would be a big part of why there is no new republic, even so many years after the Rebels defeat of the Empire at the end of Return of the Jedi. According to the rumor, Star Wars newcomers Adam Driver and Lupita Nyong’o were to play two of these characters. This tidbit is as plausible as anything else we’ve heard, and even better than that, it could actually be pretty damn cool.

That was yesterday. In fact, it didn’t take long for people with knowledge about such matters to do some sleuthing and find evidence that cast doubts upon the initial reports (citing a recent vocal performance from Star Wars Rebels that calls into question part of the villain report).

Today, things have unravelled even further. TheForce.net has their own report, from their own unnamed source, stating this first report is complete and utter hogwash, claiming it is “100% inaccurate.” According to them, and even though they go out of their way to acknowledge the fact that they aren’t going to reveal how they know what they know, we should still totally trust them. They rather convinced, claiming whatever they’ve seen doesn’t just make the first report seem unlikely, saying they have definitive proof on the matter.

Both reports come from fairly reliable sites that aren’t known for simply releasing baseless nonsense out into the world, so it’s really up to you to decide which, if either, you believe. The safe bet is probably not to put too much stake into either. Rumors like this can be fun, and speculating about the future of Star Wars as a franchise is one of our favorite past times, but until anything is official, which, considering the parties involved is likely to be a long, long time, we’re not going to latch on to anything too tight. That doesn’t mean we’re not going to talk about every last bit of buzz, but we won’t put much stock in any of them if you won’t.

This is the way.

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