Prometheus Blueprints And Detailed Ship Interior Photos

By Josh Tyler | Updated


Ridley Scott’s Prometheus is centered around the crew of the titular ship as they encounter the unknown in the far-off reaches of outer space. Returning to the Alien franchise meant stepping back into this world, with some reminders about what this crew might be looking for in general.

At the time, during Prometheus promotion, there were posters diagraming key areas of the vessel. But here the crew gave a complete and totally detailed look at the doomed star cruiser.

We have detailed interior photos of nearly every section of the ship, as well as schematics and blueprints of the craft’s layout. Take a look…

Those Prometheus images originally came from a Verizon viral site where they were revealed by playing a viral game. At the time, there was some info that needed to be shared, but we were able to get screenshots of everything put forward here. It all adds up to a revealing look at how this ship is set up.

Plus, in the leadup to the Prometheus launch, we had some other Prometheus ship images uncovered by our crack team of alien hunters and the gang over at AVP Galaxy.

Prometheus was released in 2012 and represented the first movie in the Alien franchise since 1997’s Alien Resurrection. Sigourney Weaver didn’t factor into this film, instead starring Charlize Theron, Michael Fassbender, Idris Elba, Noomi Rapace, and Guy Pearce.

Prometheus is a prequel set about 29 years before the events of the original movie. In this one, a group of space archeologists are trying to get to the bottom of a galactic mystery, linking humans with an unknown alien race.

We end up knowing some of these “characters” having been introduced in previous movies and this one lets us in on how the pieces started to move around leading to Ripley’s first encounters with the Xenomorphs.

Ultimately, Prometheus scored well with both critics and at the box office, breathing some new life into the franchise while also laying important groundwork for the original films.