Patrick Stewart And Wil Wheaton’s Super Bowl Tweets Are The Game’s Real Winners

By David Wharton | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

If ever there was any doubt that Patrick Stewart is one of the most awesomest persons in the whole wide world, a quick perusal of his social media presence should put those doubts to rest. His Twitter is a window into a man much, much sillier than that bald starship captain we know and love, and when he isn’t giving (possibly stoned) acting lessons to his girlfriend, he’s posing for amusing pictures with his partner in crime, Sir Ian McKellen. Such as this one, which they posted on Super Bowl Sunday.


But while that picture was easily more entertaining than the game itself or any of the commercials, it was eclipsed by a series of Tweets sent back and forth between Stewart and ex-Wesley/Internet god Wil Wheaton, who felt compelled to spread the word of the man, the myth, the one-armed-push-up-doing legend. O captain, my captain…


Of course, Captain Picard is a classy guy, it’s only polite that he should recognize such a compliment…


And from there, well…just see for yourself.







Do you get the impression that Patrick Stewart and Captain Picard probably wouldn’t get on very well in the real world? I’m pretty sure Stewart would pull the old “Look over there!” ruse and then yank Picard’s underwear up over his head. He might hit it off with Riker though. Hell, between the two of them they might even be able to get Geordi laid by someone who isn’t holographic.