Captain Picard Reunited With His Clone For Mad Max: Fury Road?

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Could Patrick Stewart be joining the cast of Mad Max: Fury Road? AICN thinks so. A reader emailed them claiming to have spoken to Stewart in Sydney.

I got to ask him whether he’d like to make a movie in Australia and he said he may be back here soon to film a movie with George Miller. I – embarrassingly – blurted “Happy Feet 2! great!” and he said “No, another one”.

The only other film on George Miller’s plate right now is Mad Max: Fury Road, and they’ve been announcing new cast members for several weeks. If the above is true, then Mad Max has to be what Stewart is talking about.

The really weird thing here is that Tom Hardy is already on board the film to play Mad Max. Trek fans also know Hardy as a different character. In Star Trek: Nemesis he plays Captain Picard’s clone, Shinzon. Obviously there’s some physical resemblance between the two actors. Could Stewart be on board to play an elderly version of Max in a flash forward? Or will Max wander the Australian desert so long that he eventually meets himself?

UPDATE! Patrick Stewart went on the record with MTV to deny the rumors of his involvement in Mad Max: Fury Road. He’s not in.