Star Trek: The Picard Legacy Collection Is The Best Box Set Ever Made

Star Trek: The Picard Legacy Collection is the greatest collection of movies, shows, and collectibles ever assembled.

By Chris Snellgrove | Published

While Star Trek has been thrilling fans for the better part of 60 years, this venerable franchise hasn’t always gotten great home media releases (shout out to the fans who spent a small fortune on those VHS tapes back in the day). Fortunately, fans of both Captain Picard the man and Picard the series can look forward to a special collection that may very well be the best box set ever made. According to, Star Trek: The Picard Legacy Collection will collect every single episode and movie featuring Picard in a Blu-Ray set chock full of amazing extra features.

This Star Trek boxed set consists of 54 discs, with the bulk of those discs comprising the entirety of Star Trek: The Next Generation. When you buy this set, you get the entire series as well as all four movies featuring the crew of The Next Generation. That helps to make the set a great value, though it may be a tad disappointing to fans who have already brought the series and films on Blu-Ray when they were previously released.

Additionally, Star Trek: The Picard Legacy Collection collects all three seasons of the Picard series. Depending on which fans you speak to, Picard was a series that didn’t really hit its stride until the final season, one which was so good that it led to widespread demand for a Star Trek: Legacy series to continue the adventures of this new ship and crew. However, this wouldn’t exactly be a comprehensive collection focused on Captain Picard if it didn’t include every season of his spinoff show.

Captain Picard on the bridge in Star Trek: The Next Generation

Beyond all of the episodes and movies, the biggest draw of this Star Trek boxed set is the extensive collection of special features. For example, it includes a special exclusive version of The Wisdom of Picard, a book that contains various inspirational quotes from this very inspirational captain. The set also includes playing cards, a Picard-centric magnet sheet, and (despite the funny running joke that very few people actually like Picard’s wine) Chateau Picard drink coasters.

While the extra collectibles are pretty fun, fans who have watched all of this Star Trek content backward and forwards may be most interested in the special features for the TV shows and movies. For example, the TNG episodes contain both the special features originally created for that show’s DVD release as well as new features created for the later Blu-Ray release. The films contain similar extra features as well as commentary tracks, and the final season of Picard includes deleted scenes, a gag reel, a Q&A session, and much more.

Fans in North America can look forward to buying Star Trek: The Picard Legacy Collection on October 17, and if you want to experience all of it, be sure to clear your schedule…there are 35 hours of special features for the discerning fan of Captain Picard to consume. If you’ve already bought most of this stuff on Blu-Ray before, though, don’t worry: you can always buy most of the newer content separately, including the final season of Picard when it releases on September 5. No word yet on how much the sets will cost, and we can only hope one won’t have to stockpile latinum like a Ferengi in order to bring your favorite crew home.

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