Orphan Black Gets A New Trailer And A New Streaming Home

By Brent McKnight | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

Since damn near the second BBC America’s Orphan Black wrapped up season number one, we’ve been tenting our fingers in anticipation of the sophomore effort. We can’t wait to see what the clone drama has in store for the follow up. A new trailer just appeared on the Internet, as if by magic, and it does absolutely nothing to quench our thirst for this show. Once new episodes finally do begin to air on April 19, they’ve found an exclusive new home for online streaming.

This video may only be only a minute long, but there’s a bunch going on here. First off, we get to catch up with all the main players, most of whom are played seamlessly by star Tatiana Maslany. There are, after all, nine identical copies wandering around. At least they’re physically identical, as Sarah, the main clone, reminds you, there’s only one of her, and they are all drastically different people, no matter what genetics has to say. The fact that the characters are all such distinct entities is a testament to how good Maslany’s performance, or performances are.

Moving into season two, Sarah’s main focus is probably going to shift from finding out more about who created her and her fellow clones, and more onto finding who kidnapped her daughter Kira at the end of season one. Though we all know the two things are totally related, and it’s got more than a little to do with that witchy pro-clone Rachel, finding her lost child is going to be paramount on Sarah’s mind. Dread-wearing hippie Kosima is also going to be dealing with her mystery illness, while soccer mom Allison, now jaded and mean, has been hitting the bottle more than she probably should.

Things are getting intense from here on out-what’s up with Sarah being tied up in the shower?-and from what we know of season two, the world of the clones is going to be opening up. We don’t really learn anything concrete from this video, but now we have even more to speculate about, and we’re even more excited for the premiere.

The first episode from season two is called “Nature Under Constraint and Vexed,” which comes from Plan of the Work by Sir Francis Bacon. This is where all the episode titles will originate this season; last year they were all taken from Charles Darwin’s The Origin of Species. If by some disaster something happens and you have to miss out on the new adventures of Sarah and her cronies, don’t worry, because Amazon Prime has snatched up the online streaming rights to the new episodes. Orphan Black joins fellow sci-fi series Under the Dome and the upcoming Extant on the subscription-based service, and will be available shortly after they air.