2014 Midseason TV Premiere Guide: What’s Coming Back When?

Time to program the DVR.

By David Wharton | Updated

AhumanWe’re in the midst of the holiday doldrums when it comes to TV, so unless you’ve had a serious craving for Christmas specials or the odd marathon, your choices have been limited. (Then again, I’m sure a lot of you have been like me — using the barren TV landscape as an excuse to binge-watch stuff on Netflix.) Thankfully, the winter break is about to be broken, with shows returning or premiering beginning next week. So settle into the comfy chair and pull up that DVR menu, it’s time to schedule the next few months of TV sci-fi.

Thursday, January 2

Community (NBC, 8/7c)
Okay, okay, so Community isn’t really science fiction. But it is hilarious, and since creator Dan Harmon has returned to the show, we can now recommend it again in good conscience. Besides, it’s delved into alternate realities and was nominated for a Hugo, so that puts it right inside our wheelhouse.

Monday, January 6

Almost Human (Fox, 8/7c)
It’s had its ups and downs so far, but we’re still quite enjoying J.J. Abrams and J.H. Wyman’s latest TV offering. The chemistry between stars Karl Urban and Michael Ealy is classic buddy-cop banter, but set against a backdrop of androids and sex bots and programmable DNA. It’s great to have a show on that’s unapologetically science fiction — let’s just hope it survives its network, as Fox is notoriously fond of swinging the ax. When Almost Human returns this January, it’ll introduce Night Court’s John Larroquette in a recurring role as the robotics expert who created Dorian. Prepare to meet thy maker…

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