Orphan Black’s First Season 2 Clip Will Hold You At Gunpoint

By Nick Venable | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

Oh man oh man oh man oh man oh man oh man! My repetitive state is due in part to the massive amount of excitement bubbling up in my guts for the upcoming second season of BBC America’s hilariously dark clone drama Orphan Black, and not simply to help me reach a word quota. (I really, really, really promise that.) The first actual clip from the show has made its way online via the official Instagram page, and instead of just another mysterious bit with cryptic voiceovers, we actually get to see these characters in action again!

Or at least two of the characters, as protagonist Sarah makes her way to the neolutionist headquarters, the Dyad Institute, to meet face to face with the inside-man clone, Rachel. As viewers, we’re not quite aware of how deep Rachel’s ties with Dr. Leekie (Matt Frewer) are, but they’re enough that she read as a threat from the very first moment we knew of her existence. So for Sarah to show up, brandishing a weapon and all, means she found something out. And that it’s worth getting into fisticuffs over. I’d love to kick and scream about how much I want to know what all the show’s secrets are, but it’s actually much funner watching it all just play out.

Rachel isn’t used to this kind of behavior, as she says no one lays their hands on her. That’s the kind of security never leaving your high-rise office grants you. But Sarah makes it clear that the freedom of herself and the other clones is more important than whatever repercussions she’d face for making her threats. Boom, bitch!

Both roles are of course played by the insanely talented Tatiana Maslany, and it’s a technical marvel to see her lying on top of herself holding a gun to her own head. (And perhaps slightly arousing.) It’s so obvious that if that Timecop remake actually happens, Maslany should take on that role. Her fans are some of the most rabid ones out there, going so far as to crowdfund a personal award to make up for the actress getting snubbed by the Emmys.

We can expect to see Sarah, Cosima, Alison. and the whole gang return when Season 2 kicks off on Saturday, April 19. Squeee! Here’s one of the previously released teasers.

And because the Orphan Black Instagram page has been fairly busy as of late, here’s a quick behind-the-scenes clip from the first season, featuring the back of Katja’s head.