Itty Bitty Orphan Black Imagines Our Favorite Clones As Preschoolers

By Nick Venable | Updated

itty bitty orphan blackOf all the mysteries that run amok on BBC America’s excellent clone drama Orphan Black, none of them involve figuring out what all these characters were like as children. But that doesn’t mean it’s not an avenue worth exploring. In fact, Tumblr user Lady-Adventuress has already solved that case with her fun series of comics called Itty Bitty Orphan Black.

Inspired by the art styles of Franco and Tiny Titans‘ Art Baltazar, Lady-Adventuress set all of our favorite characters inside Dyad Preschool, run by Principal Leekie, who also packs Delphine’s lunch as he is her father. All the simple dynamics are there. Delphine and Cosima are “friendly,” despite Sarah’s warnings against that kind of behavior. Helena wants Sarah to be her sister. And Alison hates Donnie. In fact, the only things I think are different from the series are Beth still being alive and Felix wearing a diaper. Though I suppose Felix could always be wearing a diaper and we just didn’t realize it; he may have far more fetishes than anyone is aware of.

There’s something off-putting about the comics not really telling any stories or making any standalone jokes, though. They’re great for transitioning the show’s central points into this prepubescent age group, and the art is really solid, but I want more, more, more! Unfortunately, this is probably the last we’ll see of the itty bitty clones unless the Lady decides to put something else out there. Personally, I think she should just start an entire spinoff series dedicated to Felix and Sarah’s childhood, without everyone else involved, but I guess there are limits to what people want to do when copyrights are involved.

Check out the first and second pages of the first “issue” below.

itty bitty orphan black

itty bitty orphan black

Luckily, there are also a few sketches following the rest of the comics, all of which you can find on the Tumblr account. One of those sketches is of Helena holding a sheep, and it’s somehow the most depressing picture on the Internet. Seeeestraaaaa!

itty bitty orphan black helena

Time is ticking by so very slowly on the way to Orphan Black‘s second season. We recently got our first image and first teaser, which you can see below, but we’ll have to wait until April for the show to return. I’d holler out the most vile curse words in frustration, but there are itty bitty children around.