Orphan Black’s One-Hour Special The Cloneversation Tops This Week’s TV Picks

By David Wharton | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old

CloneversationWe’re big fans of Orphan Black here at GFR. You might have noticed that during Nick’s post-game wrap-ups last season. Or all the times we’ve screamed indignantly about how OB’s mega-talented lead actress Tatiana Maslany was robbed — ROBBED, WE SAY! — when it came time for the Emmys. (We weren’t the only ones who felt that way.) Well, the show is returning for its second season next week, and to celebrate the occasion BBC America is airing a one-hour special Saturday night, the clunkily titled Orphan Black: The Cloneversation. (This is what you have wrought, Talking Dead!)

Here’s the official synopsis for the special:

Wil Wheaton (The Big Bang Theory) hosts Golden Globe® nominated lead actress Tatiana Maslany, and clone club favorites Jordan Gavaris, (Felix), Dylan Bruce (Paul) and Evelyne Brochu (Delphine) along with clone-club members, Patton Oswalt (The Goldbergs) and Orlando Jones (Sleepy Hollow) — as they look back at some of the most intense, funny and heart-stopping moments from season one and a look ahead at the explosive new season. In addition, fans will have their burning questions answered and get an exclusive look at the making of this pop-cultural phenomenon.

If you’re looking to play catch-up before the new season begins, the show is available streaming on Amazon Prime Instant Video. (Sorry, Netflix peeps.) You can also purchase the episodes via iTunes, Amazon, Xbox Live, and the rest of the usual suspects.

Orphan Black: The Cloneversation premieres Saturday night, April 12, at 8/7c on BBC America.


The 100 (The CW, 9/8c) — “Murphy’s Law”

After the shocking death of one of their own, Clarke (Eliza Taylor) and Finn (Thomas McDonnell) grow closer as they try to figure out a way to communicate with the Ark. Bellamy (Bob Morley) must keep the group from turning on one another as life on Earth takes a desperate turn. Meanwhile, Abby (Paige Turco) risks having herself floated in order to give Raven (Lindsay Morgan) the chance to stow-away in the escape pod bound for Earth.

Nova (PBS, 9/8c) — “Inside Animal Minds: Bird Genius”

An examination of the mental prowess of birds. Included: a cockatoo that can pick locks; a wild crow focused on an eight-step puzzle; and a raven that can solve a puzzle box so fast that high-speed photography is needed to document it.


Continuum (Syfy, 10/9c) — “Minute Man”

A reunited Liber8 kidnaps the mayor while Kiera has her hands full investigating the two Alecs in one timeline; at the same time, Carlos struggles with the reality-shattering truth of Kiera’s predicament.


Bermuda Tentacles (Syfy, 9/8c)

Air Force One goes down, shaking up the Eastern Seaboard with an angry monster in tow.

Da Vinci’s Demons (Starz, 9/8c) — “The Ends of the Earth”

Leonardo attempts to navigate the Atlantic without maps; Lucrezia is snuck into the Vatican for a vital meeting; and Lorenzo is recognized on his way to Naples.


Believe (NBC, 9/8c) — “Sinking”

With Bo (Johnny Sequoyah), Winter (Delroy Lindo) and Channing (Jamie Chung) in pursuit, Tate (Jake McLaughlin) travels home to seek out the childhood friends who framed him for murder. Meanwhile at the Orchestra campus, Skouras (Kyle MacLachlan) focuses his attention on the potential of a young telepath (guest star Owen Campbell).

Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey (Fox, 9/8c) — “Deeper, Deeper, Deeper Still”

A look at exotic life forms that are invisible to the naked eye; an examination of the parts of the brain responsible for the sense of smell and memory; a journey beneath the Earth’s surface to discover a mysterious particle.

Resurrection (ABC, 9/8c) — “Home”

Maggie turns to a man from her past, Dr. Eric Ward (guest star James Tupper), now working for the NIH, for answers to Arcadia’s mystery. She insists Ward is there as a friend, but Bellamy is suspicious of any outsiders. Rachael’s (guest star Kathleen Munroe) secret falls into the wrong hands. In the wake of recent events, Pastor Tom and Bellamy try to reassure Arcadians they have nothing to fear from the returned, but some residents have other ideas.