Orphan Black Puts Its Best Face Forward With Character Posters

By Nick Venable | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old

orphan black posterWhile the BBC America thriller Orphan Black is enjoyable in almost every way, there’s no denying its biggest selling point is the immense talents of lead actress Tatiana Maslany and her chameleon-like ability to give each of her clone characters a marked personality and point of view. So it’s no surprise that Maslany’s character line-up is the focal point for the recent set of posters advertising the series’ sophomore season. Leave it to this show to utilize an optical illusion and irony at the same time.

In the poster seen above, we see half of our main clone, Sarah, whose face is cut off by the outline of a female profile. It works particularly well at the mouth and chin area, where it legitimately looks like the bottom of another person’s face. In fact, if your brain allows you to picture this part of Sarah’s face entirely as another person’s profile, it’s almost sickening. Her eye in in the wrong spot! And she’s balding!

The tagline of “One. Of a Kind” is a great touch, seeing as how almost nothing in this show is entirely one of a kind. Except for maybe Jordan Gavaris’ Felix, who is a total individual. To prove just how non-singular this show can be, here are the other three posters, featuring Cosima, Alison, and the pro-cloner Rachel, with whom we’ll be sharing more time in the second season.

orphan black poster

orphan black poster

orphan black poster

There are a couple of clones who don’t get their own posters, for obvious reasons. One of them is Helena, the Prolethean zealot who killed clones until she started to believe she and Sarah were the originals. She was killed last season, but the creators have been teasing the resurrection of a character who we thought was dead, and this almost has to be who it is.

Plus, there’s a new clone in the bunch named Jennifer Fitzsimmons, a hospital-bound teacher who is afflicted with the same sickness as Cosima, though it has affected her much more rapidly, leaving her mostly hairless and sickly. She is actually being treated at the Dyad Institute and chronicles her life through video diaries, a clip of which was released a couple of weeks ago.

And there are more new characters to look forward to, including a modernized sect of the Proletheans led by Peter Outerbridge and a possible love interest for Sarah named Cal (Michiel Huisman), who will probably be revealed as someone with a mysterious past. You can meet all of these characters and more when Orphan Black returns to BBC America on Saturday, April 19. Take a peek at the second-season trailer below and don’t mind me squealing with glee in the meantime.