This Orphan Black Season 3 Trailer Prepares For The Clone War

By Brent McKnight | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

Earlier we showed off a new still from season 3 of BBC America’s Orphan Black, as well as recounted some details that creator Graeme Manson shared with the world. But the clone drama wasn’t done, as they released this short, ominous new teaser trailer, and finally pinned down a concrete premiere date for the new episodes, something that is sure to make fans happy.

Outside of the earlier photo—which shows Sarah (Tatiana Maslany in one of her many, many roles) facing off with Rudy (Ari Millen), one of the recently unveiled set of male clones, in a Dyad prison cell—this is our first real look at the upcoming, long-in-the-works season 3. And even this video is a tease in every sense, and rather than offering anything in the way of details or specifics, it sets the brooding tone and lets you know that a clash is coming down the pipeline.

In addition to Sarah, you get a look at Cosima, Helena, and Allison, all played by Maslany, who is finally getting some recognition for her performance(s), as well as a couple additional players. Maslany garnered a SAG nomination for playing almost half-a-dozen roles and making them all memorable and unique. This video makes it abundantly clear that war is coming, and that the powerless are coming to take back control.

In the new season, the main group will go up against the male clones, who, like their female counterparts, are all played by the same actor (Millen). While the existing crew has generally been integrated into normal life, like how Allison is a soccer mom and Cosima a grad student, their opposites are more of the highly trained military variety, which is going to pose a serious problem.

Orphan Black S3Though this teaser doesn’t reveal much, or anything really, we do now know when we’ll get to see the all-new episodes. But don’t get too excited just yet, it’s not for a while, but we already knew that. Orphan Black season 3 kicks off exactly five months from today on April 18, 2015. That’s why this video doesn’t offer any substance, because they still have a long time to build up excitement and anticipation, and the network doesn’t want to show their hand right out of the gate.

At least now we have a concrete date to circle on our TV watching calendars, and even though it seems like a long time, it’s better than the vague, “Sometime next spring,” that we’ve had to deal with since the end of season 2. (And it’ll give slackers like me, who haven’t finished season 2 yet, the chance to catch up so we’ll know what the hell is going on.)