These Orphan Black Season 3 Teasers Are Not Your Property

By Brent McKnight | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

As we gradually approach the season 3 premiere of Orphan Black, BBC America is starting to ratchet up their promotional push for the new episodes of their fan favorite clone drama. To this end, they’ve unveiled a pair of quick, ominous teasers to set the mood for the upcoming run.

The first of the quick videos focuses on Sarah (Tatiana Maslany, I don’t know why I’m specifying that, as Maslany plays all of the members of the Clone Club, in what is truly an impressive, dizzying performance). She faces off with one of the newly unveiled male clones (all played by Ari Millen), and has a message: she is not your property, just in case you were wondering about that.

You get a quick montage of images that flash by your eyes and barely register, and while they’re scary and portentous, they don’t tell you all that much. This video does, however, do a damn fine job of establishing an overall tone, which is danger, peril, and hard times coming.

One key difference between the two groups of clones is that while the Clone Club—Sarah, Allison, Cosima, and Helena—are tough and smart in their own right, the new kids on this particular block are badass and have had substantial military style training. Things are going to get rough.

Much like Sarah has a message, this second video comes from Allison. After a rapid-fire collection of clips of her kicking the crap out of people—who knew a suburban soccer mom could harbor so much pent up rage?—she wants whoever is watching to know that she’s not their toy, not their plaything to mess with as they see fit. If you think otherwise, she very well may kick you in the nuts.

These are the first two of what are likely to be more. We expect Cosima and Helena to get their own similar videos at some point, if not other members of the cast, so we’ll be on the look out for that. Maybe the male clones will get their own, though that seems doubtful.

Season 3 of Orphan Black debuts on BBC America Saturday, April 18.