Orphan Black Photos And Featurettes Introduce New Faces And Big Ideas

By Brent McKnight | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

Orphan BlackWe’re finally on the downward slope towards the return of BBC America’s Orphan Black. At least it feels that way, we’re still more than three weeks out from the April 19 premiere of http://www.giantfreakinrobot.com/scifi/orphan-blacks-season-2-clip-hold-gunpoint.html
, but at this point the wait feels manageable. And we’re certainly seeing enough promotion for the sophomore season that you’d swear on your life that the show was about to jump right out in front of us. Right now we have not one, but two new galleries of photos, as well as a pair of new featurettes for the clone-based drama, which should help you make it through the intervening days and weeks.

Gallery number one consists of half a dozen stills that are taken from the first three episodes of the season, and are definitely the most interesting part of photo portion of our presentation. You see Sarah (Tatiana Maslany) running around the street, and she seems to be looking for someone or something. We know that the action of season two picks up shortly after the conclusion of year one, and at the end of that Kira was kidnapped, so it stands to reason that Sarah may be looking for her young daughter. To this end you better believe she’ll enlist the help of guilt-laden turncoat Paul (Dylan Bruce) and her brother, Felix (Jordan Gavaris). We’re also well aware, the abduction has more than a little to do with her and her fellow clones search for answers, so they’re going to be thrown into the mix as well, even though they’ve got their own shit going on. Allison has a marriage to fix, and you can see that in addition to her health issues, things are heating up between Cosima and Delphine (Evelyne Brochu).

Most interesting of these images, however, is the final one, which features newcomer Johannson, played by Peter Outerbridge, who has a long resume playing weird, creepy outsiders. You don’t know exactly what is going on, but you can’t help but get a serious cult vibe from those cookie cutter weirdos standing behind them. If they offer you any Kool-Aid, politely decline and excuse yourself.

From there we move to gallery number two. To be perfectly candid, unless you’re super hard up, fiending for a taste like a junkie, there isn’t much information to glean from these images. They’re all posed pictures from a recent photo shoot. With multiple incarnations of Maslany, you get to see Gavaris, Skyler Wexler, Maria Doyle Kennedy, Bruce, Matt Frewer, Brochu, Kristian Bruun, and Kevin Hanchard. Like with the last gallery, you also get a look at some of the new additions to season two, including Outerbridge, but also Cal, played by Michael Huisman.

This quick, minute long interview with Maslany touches on topics from the various clones to how the show deals with horror, science, relationships, and more. What’s most interesting, however, is the footage that shows clone Cosima, who is battling a mystery respiratory illness, receiving treatment from Dr. Leekie (Frewer), not widely known to be one of the good guys. Curious. There’s also some fun general craziness going on, so there’s that to look forward to.

Co-creators John Fawcett and Graeme Manson are the subject of this brief conversation. While they talk about a lot of things, they never expose too much about any single topic. They hint at big plans for the clones, as well as presenting an expanded world, which is something we’ve heard since the end of season one, and dealing with all the various stories and issues that will entail. Allison looks like she’ll be getting some wacky story lines coming up, which should provide some dark comedy. After all, when a suburban soccer mom, with no idea where to get one, needs an untraceable gun, where do you turn? Obviously your first stop is the kid who bags your groceries. That’s going to be a good time.