Orphan Black Fans Dispute Tatiana Maslany’s Emmy Snub With Crowdfunded Trophy

By Nick Venable | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

orphan blackAward shunning is nothing new in the entertainment industry. In whose goddamned crazy world is Kramer vs. Kramer a better movie than Apocalypse Now? And when was Forrest Gump ever more substantial than The Shawshank Redemption? How did it possibly take the Emmys five years to give Breaking Bad the win for Best Dramatic Series? But the most recent blemish on the world of trophy-based back-patting was the odious absence of actress Tatiana Maslany’s name (as well as Orphan Black‘s) from the Emmy ballots this year. But since we can’t cure stupid or go back in time to force anyone to give the actress her due attention, it’s up to the Clone Club fanbase to get together and give her an award that comes from the heart, and the crowdfunding pocketbook.

Orphan Black fanatic Sarah Evans created this IndieGogo campaign to fund the creation of a homemade statue to show Maslany that there are more than enough TV viewers out there who think she deserves something more personal and meaningful than anything the Emmys or Golden Globes could give her. (She was beat out for the Globe by Breaking Bad‘s Anna Gunn.)

Ten days into its 39-day run, the campaign has received over $1,000 of its $2,000 goal, so I think it’s safe to say it’ll be a success, and Maslany will get her reward. Unless of course one of her underlings assumes that the trophy package is dangerous, so I’m suggesting to Evans & Co. not to shape the statue like a bomb and to make sure it doesn’t have any ticking parts. Fanmade Award Making 101, I know, but it’s always worth mentioning.

The statue itself is being created by an as-yet-unnamed unnamed artist who’ll soon get a spotlight on the site, and the cost of it reaches around $1,000. Those pledging $500 or more will get a replica of the statue, which costs the same as the pledge, and the extra fees will cover the expensive shipping and other unforeseen costs. The donor prizes aren’t all that great, but this isn’t about me or you. It’s about Sarah, Alison, Cosima, Helena, Beth, Katja, and Rachel, along with the clones that Maslany will portray in the future. Maybe next year they’ll be able to recognize her talent without it coming in so many different forms.

One of our most anticipated series of the coming year, Orphan Black will begin its second high-stakes season on April 19 on BBC America. Take a look at the video below to go a little deeper into the lives of the series’ characters. And then go out and sell your computer to pay for your donation to the cause. Clone justice will be served!

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