Orphan Black Is Back With An Action Packed Trailer

By Brent McKnight | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

BBC America’s Orphan Black is coming back. Don’t get too excited, it’s not going to arrive for more than a month, so we still have what seems, at times, like an insurmountable wait in store for us. We’ve been seeing some promotional stuff dribble out, and as the season two premiere date gradually approaches, we’ll probably see much more. The latest installment is this short, 30-second teaser trailer.

Personally, I would have gone with a slogan like “Back in Black,” instead of the “Black is Back” this trailer went with. Don’t worry that’s just my inner AC/DC fan shining through, that happens from time to time, I’ll try to keep it in check from here on out. And though it’s short, this video does exactly what it was designed to do, which is keep up totally psyched for the return of Orphan Black.

While there is some new footage here, there’s nothing that is really going to blow your hair back. What it does well, however, is convey the excitement and energy of the clone-based drama. It also introduces the big questions and themes the show looks to explore going forward. Moving into the sophomore season, there are a few looming, pressing issues. One topic of conversation that is sure to be on the minds of all the clones, all played masterfully by Tatiana Maslany who bounces seamlessly from one distinct personality to the next, is how many of them are out there, lurking, waiting to pop up. We’ve heard, from behind the scenes folks, that at least a few more will show up on the scene.

As the world of Orphan Black expands this year, we’re going to get some more answers about who created the clones, and why. Okay, maybe we won’t get concrete answers, that’s not their style, but we’ll at least get some more information about what the hell is going on and why there’s a bunch of identical replicas running around. You’ll get into themes like the nature of identity and ownership, as well as who knows what else. Should be a fun ride.

For the uninitiated, Orphan Black follows Sarah Manning (Maslany), a small time hustler who sees a woman kill herself on a train track. Much to Sarah’s surprise, the dead woman appears to be her identical twin. When Sarah, in dire straits, assumes the corpse’s identity, se discovers that she’s not the only copy, and the more that show up, the more complicated the story gets.

At the end of season one, Sarah’s daughter, Kira (Skyler Wexler), gets kidnapped, and the new episodes apparently pick up in the immediate aftermath. Orphan Black returns on April 19.