Lego Predator Won’t Let You Get To The Lego Choppa

By David Wharton | Published

PredatorIt’s kind of ridiculous how big a thing Lego has become over the past few years. Don’t get me wrong, I love those crazy blocky yellow bastards, and spent a good portion of my formative years snapping them into assorted pleasing configurations and leaving them around for my parents to step on while barefoot. But I’ll fully admit I couldn’t wrap my brain around the whole concept of making Lego video-game versions of things like Batman or Indiana Jones or Harry Potter. Then I actually played those games and was forced to concede that they’re pretty damn charming. The mega-hit Lego Movie showed us how much fun Lego-fied things can be when combined with a silly sense of humor and a dash of creativity, so I’ve given in, I’ve swapped sides: let’s Lego-fy the entire world! Especially if we can start by having somebody make a real Lego version of Dutch and the ugly dreadlocked MF’er up top.


All the Lego-ized versions of some of our favorite ’80s movie characters we’re including were created by British artist Dan Shearn, and were displayed at the Hero Complex Gallery in Los Angeles earlier this month. It’s such a simplistic idea, but that simplicity also forces you to strip the subjects down to their core elements so you can decide what details need to be included. With 3D printing on the rise, I wouldn’t put it past somebody out there to actually create real plastic versions of these little fellas. In which case I call dibs on the first set. Especially if the Lego Predator has a tiny, adorable Lego skull-and-spine trophy. Also, can I get a Lego Blain with a square hole blown in his chest?

I wish we’d spotted this story in time to direct any of you in the L.A. area to the show, but it’s apparently already wrapped up. We’ll just have to settle for showing you more of Shearn’s awesome art. We also have to give Shearn some huge props for his character selections. He’s got the obvious ones like RoboCop or the Terminator in there, but he earns major bonus points for his Lego takes on They Live


…or beardy, pissed-off MacCready from The Thing


…or two of our favorite Judges.


Greetings, blocky programs!


You can see tons more below, and be sure to hit up Shearn’s website to see more of his stuff.