Predator Needs To Crossover With The Best Movie Cop

By Zack Zagranis | Published

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When Disney acquired 20th Century Fox, it opened up a wealth of crossover possibilities. Unfortunately, the only thing Disney seems interested in at the moment is consolidating all of its Marvel properties. And while it will be awesome to finally get the X-Men in the MCU, there’s one crossover we’d like to see even more: Predator vs. Die Hard.

Using Predator 2 For The Foundation

predator die hard

If you really think about it, a Predator/Die Hard crossover would kick all sorts of butt. Everyman cop John McClane is forced to face off with the most deadly hunter in the universe. It wouldn’t even be that hard to write.

Take Predator 2, strip it of all the racism and pseudo-futuristic elements, swap out LA for NYC, and boom, you’ve got a banger of an action story. The idea of a Predator stalking its prey through the urban jungle rather than a literal one was always a cool concept, Predator 2 just botched the execution. Dial McClane, back to the more shlubby average Joe from the first Die Hard instead of the superhero he became in the last two sequels, and now we’re really cooking!

Make Predator Vs. Die Hard A Comic Book

Predator vs. Die Hard would have to be a comic book. For one thing, Bruce Willis is retired and it would be nigh impossible to recast John McClane. Even if that weren’t an issue, all of the Predator’s best crossovers have happened on the comics page. It would only make sense for PVDH to follow suit.

Batman, Superman, Tarzan, Wolverine, and even Judge Dredd have all matched wits and fists with the Predator in the past. Predator vs. Die Hard would be a chance for Disney to continue the tradition, especially since they own their own comic book company. Speaking of which…

Superheroes Are Too Unkillable

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Wouldn’t something like Spider-Man vs Predator or Deadpool vs Predator make more sense? From a mass market appeal standpoint, yes. As a story? Not so much.

Part of the fun of watching a Predator square off against an opponent is how unfair the fight usually is. Spider-Man surpasses the Predator in strength and agility, and his spider-sense would make the Predator’s invisibility mute. Deadpool is functionally immortal, so that’s no fun.

John McClane Is The Perfect Prey

predator die hard

John McClane, on the other hand, is a perpetual underdog—at least for the first three movies. Watching him triumph over seemingly impossible odds is part of the fun of Die Hard. A Predator vs Die Hard crossover would be the ultimate challenge for an ill-equipped John McClane.

The Story

As for the story, it would be a simple setup. At some undetermined time in John McClane’s life—let’s say between the first two Die Hard movies—the detective is investigating a series of unexplained murders around New York. The bodies have all been found skinned and headless, and nobody on the street has any clue what’s going on. Eventually McClane would come across a witness babbling about a demon that can turn invisible or something similar.

At some point, John realizes that the killer isn’t human, and the crossover comes to a climax with McClane fighting for his life against a Predator. There’s even potential for a cameo from Sgt. Al Powell, John’s reluctant sidekick from the first Die Hard. Maybe Al is on vacation in NYC visiting John.

So Long And Thanks For All The Twinkies

The Predator could even murder Al, motivating McClane to avenge him and explaining why Al doesn’t appear in Die Hard with a Vengeance. Marvel could make this the reason why John starts the third film as a divorced drunk. Maybe the fight with the Predator broke him.

There Are So Many Possibilities

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There are so many ways you could go with a Predator vs. Die Hard series. Disney, if you’re reading this—and we know you are—you can have this idea for free; that’s how badly we want to read it. We wouldn’t say no to a story credit, though.