Jurassic World In Talks With Nick Robinson For Leading Role

By Rudie Obias | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

nick robinsonAll has been quiet for a while when it comes the fourth Jurassic Park movie. Until yesterday, that is, when Iron Man 3 actor Ty Simpkins was cast in a leading role. Director Colin Trevorrow is busy building the pieces that will eventually become Jurassic World, and it appears he’s casting the kid roles in the sequel film first.

According to The Wrap, The Kings of Summer star Nick Robinson is in talks to play a role in the upcoming Jurassic Park sequel. While the nature of Robinson’s role is still closely guarded, it’s believed that the 18-year-old actor would play the older brother of Simpkins’ character. It also seems that the Jurassic Park movie will center on a family unit like Jurassic Park III and will be built as an ensemble film.

Nick Robinson starred in the breakout comedy of the year, director Jordan Vogt-Roberts’s The Kings of Summer, which featured a story about three boys building a house in the woods. Robinson also appeared in ABC Family sitcom Melissa & Joey and as a guest star on HBO’s Boardwalk Empire.

Meanwhile, there are rumors that Jake Johnson is being considered for another lead role in Jurassic World. Johnson co-starred in Trevorrow’s directorial debut Safety Not Guaranteed in 2012, so it seems fitting that he would also appear in Trevorrow’s newest film project. Currently, the 37-year-old actor can be seen on the hit-TV show New Girl on Fox.

Actress Bryce Dallas Howard is also in talks to play yet another leading role in the new film. Looking at the rumors and speculation, it seems that Johnson and Howard might play the father and mother of the Simpkins and Robinson characters. Lastly, The Office’s John Krasinski is another name being thrown around to join the cast. He’s allegedly up to play a “theme park worker in charge of ‘taming’ some of the dinosaurs.”

Colin Trevorrow was chosen to direct the fourth Jurassic Park film after the project was first announced in January of this year. Since then, Jurassic Park IV was pushed from a summer 2014 release date to June 2015 release, after the project was put on temporary hiatus until the film’s producers Frank Marshall and Steven Spielberg could figure out how to expand the film’s world, while staying within budget. Producer Kathleen Kennedy will not return to Jurassic World because of her duties with Lucasfilm and Star Wars: Episode VII.

When the project couldn’t find its footing, Universal postponed the film’s release until the movie studio could “get it right” and not rush the film’s production. Hopefully, this strategy will pay off for Universal because the Jurassic Park film franchise is one of the movie studio’s most beloved.

The project’s title then changed from Jurassic Park IV to Jurassic World when Colin Trevorrow and his writing partner Derek Connolly took a stab at the script, which was based on Rick Jaffa & Amanda Silver’s (Rise of the Planet of the Apes) original screenplay. There are no official plot details available at this point, but it is believed that the movie will take place at a fully operational Jurassic Park theme park.

Jurassic World hits theaters everywhere on June 12, 2015, in 3D and IMAX.