Jurassic World Set Photo Teases The Return Of A Familiar Face

By Brent McKnight | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

Jurassic WorldEven with all of the leaked plot details about Jurassic World, the upcoming fourth installment in the venerable franchise, the thing all of us are really excited really excited about is seeing dinosaurs running around on screen again. We approach this similarly to how we went at Godzilla, if there’s a good, interesting human story, great, but as long as there are giant monsters running around onscreen, we’ll be pretty happy. Jurassic Park managed to accomplish both of these feats in 1993, and we hope that Colin Trevorrow can pull this off as well. The Safety Not Guaranteed director, who also co-wrote the Jurassic World script, has now given us our first, if oblique, look at one of the fan favorite dinosaurs that will be making a come back: Tyrannosaurs Rex.

Trevorrow tweeted out this picture with the one word description, “Nights.” Not particularly illuminating, but to be honest, this image doesn’t really need much, we would be equally satisfied with the opportunity to gawk at that ominous, looming shadow. The way it is framed, you can’t help but imagine being on a camping trip, standing in front of a flashlight, making shadow puppets with your fingers.

There is a possibility that this isn’t T-Rex. One of the pieces of information that leaked out was about a new species of dinosaur, one constructed in a lab, and made up of a combination of DNA from a Velociraptor, a snake, a cuttlefish, and the big guy himself. It’s entirely possible the resulting creature has a big, blocky head that resembles the T-Rex, so it’s plausible that this is really our first look at the new addition to the franchise. It doesn’t matter much either way, because this picture is pretty damn awesome.

We also know that Jurassic World takes place in a fully functional version of the park that three movies have tried and failed to get up and running. And one of the major plot points is that a dinosaur, or dinosaurs, escapes and goes on a rampage among the tourists. Given that the background of this image looks like a public space, so maybe we’ll get to see the creature attached to this shadow on the rampage, and who doesn’t love the idea of that?

Jurassic WorldEarlier today we saw some photos from the Licensing Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada, which showed off this badass standee. Fair warning to any Seattle-area movie theaters, if I come across one of these, I’m grabbing it and sprinting for the door. And I’m a big dude who isn’t afraid to bulldoze some high school kids in order to procure home décor this badass.

Jurassic World stars Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Omar Sy, Vincent D’Onofrio, Ty Simpkins, Nick Robinson, Jake Johnson, Judy Greer, and Irrfan Khan. They are currently filming in New Orleans, including at an abandoned Six Flags Amusement Park, you know, for authenticity.