Jurassic World Pictures Revel In Dino Desctruction

By Brent McKnight | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

Jurassic WorldEarlier today we wrote about how Jurassic World, which has just recently commenced filming in Hawaii, has already started the wheels turning for sequels. You’re not alone in thinking that is jumping the gun a bit, we’d much rather they focus on making this movie great than churning out a new trilogy. Still, it’s Universal, so there are hopefully enough people to do both. But now there’s something to talk about in regards to Jurassic World, the one we’ll actually see in theaters next year, not some theoretical Jurassic World 2: Jurassic Park 5. The studio has released a handful of set photos.

This first pic, which appeared at Entertainment Weekly, gives us our first glimpse at the cast on the tropical set. We know that Jurassic World takes place after the disastrous events of the first films, and that the troubled theme park has finally been realized and is the world’s number one tourist destination. Bryce Dallas Howard’s character is one of the scientists, and you can bet that she’ll have a big role to play when it comes to figuring out how to stop the attractions once they inevitably figure a way out of their pens and holding cells.

Jurassic WorldPhoto number two gives you the smallest taste of the destruction that the dinosaurs will cause when they’re free to roam the park, snacking on tourists. Goddamn I’m really excited to see T-Rex take down a swarm of sunburned tourists and their annoying kids.

Jurassic WorldAnd then there’s the obligatory picture of one of the cast/director’s chairs. More on that part later, but what is interesting here is the setting. You may have seen it before, in the first movie, when Dr. Alan Grant (Sam Neill), Tim (Joseph Mazzello), and Lex (Ariana Richards) run away from T-Rex amidst the herd of Gallimimuses. If nothing else, this seems to confirm the fact that the new park is in fact on the site of the original.

Jurassic WorldWhile Jurassic World sounds like it is going to fall on the serious side of things—hopefully not too serious, star Chris Pratt is hilarious, and director Colin Trevorrow’s last film, the indie hit Safety Not Guaranteed, is super funny—there is also a serious sense of humor behind the scenes. They’ve only just started rolling, but there are already stories to tell. Trevorrow told EW:

Yesterday I was under a construction crane with Chris Pratt, covered with dirt, eyeballing the exact height of the dinosaur trying to kill him. We both cracked up laughing. Sometimes you just have to stop and let the joy take over.

Sounds like they’re having a damn fine time, and why not, they are getting paid a ton of money to hang out in Hawaii and pretend to fight dinosaurs. Pratt has even called this franchise his Star Wars. That doesn’t sound like a bad gig.

But that’s not all. Devin Faraci of Badass Digest, as he says, “got snarky on Twitter” about these photos, specifically the director’s chair, because who really gives a crap what the furniture looks like, right? He joked that maybe they could score an exclusive first look at the recycling bins on the set, and here’s Trevorrow’s perfect response:

Jurassic World opens on June 12, 2015, and this sense of fun and excitement makes me want to see it ever more than I already did.