Jurassic World May Bring Back This Unexpected Character

By Nick Venable | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

jurassic worldHey guys, remember before the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer came out this morning, when everybody was all excited about that other gigantic sequel, Jurassic World? Universal Pictures and Amblin Entertainment cooked up a sweet new website for dino-fans and film fans alike to explore and pick up on new clues about the film while getting a little bit of an education. And what’s the coolest piece of information that can be gleaned from the site? We might not have seen the last of the iconic T-Rex from the first film. What the what?

As with just about everything involving huge sci-fi tentpole films, this particular piece of potential info should be taken with some skepticism, but the payoff will be amazing if it’s true. So where does this rather out-there theory come from? The website itself, of course.

For the page dedicated to the T-Rex, one of the pictures used is the one seen below, beneath a description saying, “you can safely watch this magnificent up close and personal only at Jurassic World.” Of course, it’s probably just referring to a T-Rex exhibit within the film’s park, but that could easily be a nod to fans that something big is coming, especially when you take a closer look.

_1417196939There are only two full-on images of the dinosaur on this page, and one of them just happens to have battle scars that not-so-coincidentally happen to match up to the T-Rex’s wounds from the Velociraptor fight in the first film. It’s got signs of several former gashes across the right side of its face, as well as some claw marks across its left side. In case you need a reminder of what the fight looked like, the clip below should do it.

Again, this might just be the marketing team tossing a nod to the dinosaur’s history within the franchise without necessarily implying that fans can expect to see this same virtuous T-Rex saving Chris Pratt’s life in the new film. There isn’t a “Velociraptor” option to click to see if those images would show the creatures with giant bite marks. For now, this T-Rex’s role within Jurassic World remains a mystery with intriguing implications. And one that I’m sure will fuel the argument that Jurassic World is basically just 2014’s version of Jurassic Park.

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