Japan’s Attack On Titan Exhibit Is Both Humongous And Terrifying

By Nick Venable | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old

attack on titanI consider myself a progressively oddball person, but there’s no denying that I would get swallowed alive if I ever made my way to Japan. Universal Studios Japan will soon celebrate the manga and anime series Attack on Titan with an insanely massive attraction, as well as other amazing looking installments that will honor other popular titles like Resident Evil and Monster Hunter. 2015 is the year of giant scary shit, apparently.

The Universal Cool Japan event, as it’s called, will run from January 23 to May 10, and the “Attack on Titan The Real” exhibit will feature a full-size, 49-foot-tall version of Eren Yeager, who develops the ability to grow into a Titan, the franchise’s huge antagonists. (Eren is a good guy, though.) There will also be a 46-foot-tall female Titan, and the two will be set up in combative stances. Audiences can also witness the scene where a Titan eats Eren’s mother, though I’m clueless as to what kind of technology they’ll use to allow that to happen.

The attraction will also feature refreshments tied to the Survey Corps human army, such as bacon, a black tea-flavored potato bread, and soup. There’s also a Titan mousse that comes with its own blade. Hmmm. Check out the recently released promo below:

Looks completely incoherent, right? Glad I’m not alone. Still, I would head over there in a flash.

While there aren’t any massive beings involved with the Resident Evil: The Escape attraction, there are still some dangerous zombified monsters, as well as lasers and other exciting stuff. It almost looks like you have to figure out a mystery during this one, like “What’s the smell coming from my shorts?” Check out that promo below:

Finally, there’s Monster Hunter: The Real, which apparently will try to electrocute people with lightning strikes from a massive Zinogre. I assume this isn’t real lightning, but I won’t be surprised if there are a dozen waivers to be signed before going in there.

So if anybody wants to start up a crowdfunding campaign to get Giant Freakin’ Robot to take a field trip to Universal Cool Japan in 2015, be sure and let us know. Or we’ll send a couple of Titans after you.