One Punch Man Season 3 First Look Is The Return Of The Greatest Anime Superhero

By Christopher Isaac | Updated

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One Punch Man season three is one step closer to finally being released! The official trailer for the next season of the hugely popular anime came out this week and has fans beyond excited. The only little snag is, the trailer does not include an official release date, so it is still not clear when we should anticipate new episodes–but this at least makes it clear that development is continuing and it has to be close now if a trailer is available

The trailer now confirms that J.C.Staff is actually returning from season two to handle season three of One Punch Man.

This season is going to be adapting the popular arc from the manga focusing on Garou, the human monster, who is poised to be Saitama’s greatest threat yet. The tagline for the season calls this looming encounter “Supreme Power VS Ultimate Fear.” Fan reaction on the reveal trailer is quite enthusiastic, with some noting this arc in the One Punch Man manga is long enough that it could wind up spilling over into season four.

One other detail of note about the trailer is that it confirms at long last who will be handling the animation for this season of One Punch Man. Season one was produced by the extremely talented studio Madhouse, known for their work on the anime adaptations of Death Note and Parasyte: The Maxim. Their work on One Punch Man’s first season was highly regarded.

one punch man

However, season two of One Punch Man switched to a new studio for the animation, J.C.Staff, which quite a few fans felt was a notable step down. For the bar to be set so high right out of the gate only to dip into a more lackluster quality for the follow up season left a good number of fans vocally disappointed.

One Punch Man is based on a manga created by an artist who uses the pseudonym One.

Prior to this trailer, rumors had swirled that the animation studio was going to be switching once again, supposedly to MAPPA, who have worked on high quality projects like Chainsaw Man and Attack on Titan. Many were looking forward to this potential change up in studios to hopefully get the animation for One Punch Man back up to its previous quality.

The trailer now confirms that J.C.Staff is actually returning from season two to handle season three of One Punch Man. However, many are noting that the trailer looks much better animated than season two of the show did. Fans are pleasantly surprised by the improvement and taking this to mean J.C.Staff took the criticism to heart.

A new episode of One Punch Man hasn’t aired since 2019.

Of course, fans won’t know for sure until season three officially releases, which will hopefully be sooner rather than later. It should be noted that fans of the One Punch Man anime have had to learn to be quite patient for new content. Season one first came out in 2015, season two came in 2019, and season three will be 2024 at the earliest.

These are not long seasons either, with each one so far only having twelve episodes. But hopefully the trailer now being released means the long wait will soon be over.