Arnold Schwarzenegger Making A New Predator Movie

Arnold Schwarzenegger could actually return to the Predator franchise.

By Drew Dietsch | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Arnold Schwarzenegger might be well known for his many appearances in the Terminator sequels, but he hasn’t actually appeared in many other sequels to his famous films. One of the most infamous of those is the Predator series, which Arnie has famously turned down every sequel he was given. However, some significant changes have taken place and it looks like the former Governor of California could actually be headed back to do battle with one of his greatest on-screen foes.

Insider Daniel Richtman (via We Got This Covered) is reporting that Disney is beginning to develop a reboot of the Predator franchise and they are going to attempt to bring back Arnold Schwarzenegger for the project. Now that Disney has merged with 20th Century Fox, they are looking at the new intellectual properties they have acquired and what they can do with them. One of the biggest is Predator, and Disney feels that getting Arnold back for the first time in the franchise would be a big motivating factor for audiences.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger was actually approached to appear in the last film, The Predator for a surprise cameo at the ending. However, he passed that up and it might have been the right call. The Predator was savaged by critics and audiences, and it is not an unearned reputation. As it stands, that last entry in the series looks to be the end of Disney’s association with the previous established canon outside of the original movie. It’s assumed that this new project with Arnie would act like a lot of current sequel/reboots and be a legacy sequel that also acts a semi-remake of the original film.

As awesome as it would be to see Arnold Schwarzenegger return as the hardened mercenary Dutch, it is important to remember that Arnie is in his mid-70s. While he still seems extremely healthy and fit, he is not exactly capable of the rough-and-tumble action that the original Predator is infamous for bringing to the big screen. If Dutch did return, how directly integrated into the plot would he be? It’s likely he would be a mentor or consultant to a new team of soldiers that have to go up against the alien hunter.

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Still, the prospect of having Arnold Schwarzenegger come back for a sendoff in the Predator franchise is too good to pass up. It is hopeful that whatever pitch Disney is able to come up with will be enough to convince the action megastar to make an appearance in a new Predator movie. Dutch’s inclusion would signal the idea that this entry – it will be the fifth film in the Predator franchise – is the sequel that fans have been waiting for ever since the 1987 original movie came out and became a smashing sci-fi/action/horror success.

We will keep our eyes and ears peeled for any more news regarding Arnold Schwarzenegger’s involvement in this new Predator film. Disney will assuredly make a new Predator movie without Arnie, but here’s hoping they manage to nab him for this and they can do the character of Dutch justice.