The Hilarious Sci-Fi Sitcom Where Everyone Has Superpowers Is Streaming

By April Ryder | Updated

Mairead Tyers in Extraordinary

Hitting the streaming waves in January of 2023, Extraordinary is now available for your enjoyment on Hulu. This British superhero comedy centers around a world where everyone has superpowers … everyone except Jen (played by Máiréad Tyers), that is. 

Living without powers in a world where they are abundant and intrinsic makes Jen’s life a struggle to fit in among her extraordinary/ordinary peers. Ten years ago, everyone in the world was bestowed a power, and now turning 18 means something a bit more than it used to. 

Extraordinary is a superhero comedy on Hulu about a world in which everyone gets a superpower.

Unfortunately, 25-year-old Jen is still waiting to find out what her power might be, and this is the premise of the show. Jen is stuck at a job she hates. She has a bed buddy who has no intention of ever committing to a relationship, and she is constantly bombarded with unfortunate events, highlighting her lack of superiority. 

Her saving grace in such an Extraordinary world is her comical, light-hearted best friend Carrie (played by Sofia Oxenham), who always offers a helping hand when Jen is at her lowest, and her friend Kash (played by Bilal Hasna). The whole preface’s irony is that everyone except for Jen has superpowers, making it normal to have superpowers. Thus, she is actually the most extraordinary player in the game. 


Coming to her wits end with her struggle to become “super,” this sci-fi comedy leads Jen and her merry band of friends to set out to help her gain her power.

Her friends get in on the act. Carrie’s boyfriend and Jen’s flatmate, Kash, take the initiative to hold auditions for a team of superheroes to fight crimes against women. 

Characters in Extraordinary have bizarre powers, from talking to the dead to turning physical objects into a PDF file.

Eventually, Jen is convinced to seek professional help from an organization that specializes in helping people find their powers. She even takes her own initiative after her cat, Jizzlord (played by Luke Rollason), morphs into a human while she is undressing. 

Jen is convinced that the exposure of her breasts is her superpower. After exposing herself to a random dog on the street that does not transform into a human but stares blankly in her direction, that theory is quickly laid to rest. 

The cast of Extraordinary

As the show progresses, viewers encounter and discover an array of exciting and, should we say, Extraordinary powers, some being quite crass in nature. The raunchy humor and idiopathic diagnosis of various abilities keep each episode extraordinarily engaging. 

In a world of super-serious superheroes, Extraordinary reminds us that it’s okay to lean into the absurd.

For instance, Jen’s mom has the power to control technology, but she can’t figure out how to use her power to change the channel on her television. Other powers encountered are the power to touch someone and instantly make them orgasm, the power to pass through solid objects, the power to turn any object into a PDF file, super speed, and the power to summon animals. 

Jen’s best friend, Carrie, can act as a medium for communicating with the dead, and she uses her power to summon the spirit of Adolf Hitler. The friends then enjoy a session of beratement with the dictator before sending him back where he belongs. 

Ranging from somewhat predictable to absolutely absurd, one of the main appeals of the show is the discovery of a new ability. Bingeworthy at its roots, you’ll be happy that you won’t have to stop watching after the first episode or even the first season, as season two has been confirmed. Serving up a clear and sometimes strange lesson in self-love, you won’t want to miss out on what this show has to offer. 

Why waste your spare time staring blankly into space when you have the chance to take a ride in the exceptional world created by newcomer Emma Moran? Take the time to delve into the quirky and sometimes inappropriate realm of Extraordinary streaming now on Hulu.