Ryan Reynolds Stars In TV Series About His Real Life

Ryan Reynolds has added a television series based on events of his own life to his already overloaded slate of upcoming projects.

By Douglas Helm | Published

Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds may be the perfect person to play Deadpool, but it seems like he managed to find a role that he would be even MORE perfect for — himself. Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenny are teaming up to bring us Welcome to Wrexham, a TV show that tells the real-life story of the two stars partnering up to buy the UK soccer club Wrexham A.F.C. Red Dragons. The series will be coming to FX and streaming on Hulu.

The Ryan Reynolds and McElhenny-starring show has already been greenlit for two seasons. This isn’t too surprising, as they’re definitely two stars you can trust to provide quality content. Reynolds has been killing it with his various movies and businesses and Rob McElhenny is well-trusted by FX at this point, thanks to the long-running It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Welcome to Wrexham will be a new kind of project for both stars, as the docuseries will depict their love for the sport of soccer and their efforts to continue to build the soccer club.

Ryan Reynolds will be adding Welcome to Wrexham to his already long list of upcoming projects. For the rest of 2022 Reynolds has a musical called Spirited and a new Don Bluth animated movie called Dragon’s Lair expected to come out. Beyond 2022, he has a John Krasinski-directed film called Imaginary Friends, a movie based on the board game Clue, and a comedy about a monster uprising called Everday Parenting Tips. Undoubtedly, his most hyped and biggest project coming out is Deadpool 3, which is still very light on details. Rumors say that the X-Men team known as X-Force will be involved in the movie, but that remains to be seen. What’s really exciting about the upcoming Deadpool movie is the fact that it will be officially integrated into the MCU. While crossovers can sometimes be overdone, the wall-breaking and quippy nature of Deadpool could definitely make it interesting to bring other Marvel characters into the fold. Also, it will be the MCU’s first R-rated film, so that alone will make it an intriguing watch.

While Rob McElhenny doesn’t have as many movies in the pipeline as Ryan Reynolds, Welcome to Wrexham will add a third TV show to juggle on his already full plate. McElhenny is pulling triple-duty as a writer, producer, and actor on both It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Mythic Quest. Mythic Quest will be entering its third season and the longest-running live-action sitcom It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is entering its sixteenth. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia has been ordered for two additional seasons along with season 16 and Mythic Quest has been renewed for a fourth season as well. With all of these TV shows, Rob McElhenny certainly seems like he’ll be keeping busy these next few years.

For those who are excited to see Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenny combine their talents for Welcome to Wrexham, you won’t have long to wait. The series is set to premiere on FX on August 24.