Ryan Reynolds Trolls It’s Always Sunny Star With A Gross Birthday Present

By Nathan Kamal | 3 weeks ago

ryan reynolds deadpool heart

That scamp Ryan Reynolds is back at it with his wacky, wacky pranks. It seems that the very droll and funny Deadpool star celebrated the birthday of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia star Rob McElhenney by dedicating a public urinal to him. Very funny, right? It is so very funny, Ryan Reynolds. It is also not quite so odd of a pairing as you might think; Reynolds and McElhenney jointly co-own the Welsh soccer club Wrexham AFC and it appears the urinal is at their stadium. As he is wont to do, Reynolds posted a short video on Twitter, in which he unveiled the plaque of McElhenney in the restroom of the stadium. He also implied that either football fans or Welsh people do not understand the function of a urinal, so there is that. And as a capper to the sophisticated wit Reynolds is known for, he listed his business partner’s full name as “​​Robert Lucinda McElhenney III.” Currently, Wikipedia shows that as the It’s Always Sunny star’s actual legal name, but it is unknown if that was edited as part of the prank. Anyway, here is Ryan Reynold’s video:

Ryan Reynolds also appears to be using the video as a quick way to promote Wrexham AFC, because the man is as dedicated to synergy as he is to his trademark smarmy delivery. Reynolds has actually made something of a second career as an investor and celebrity spokesman, frequently making theoretically amusing commercials for his companies like Mint Mobile and Aviation Gin. He also seems to have a talent for drawing in other celebrities, including managing to get Rick Moranis out of retirement. He and Rob McElhenney purchased Wrexham AFC in February of 2021, and it quickly became part of Reynolds’ ever-expanding filmography of advertisements. 

When he is not working on his investment portfolio, Ryan Reynolds has been making vague pronouncements about the potential release date of the much anticipated Deadpool 3, which will mark his official entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Of course, he may well be popping up in Sam Raimi’s forthcoming Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, but we will just have to wait for the post-credits scene to confirm that. 

Aside from his joint Welsh football venture with Ryan Reynolds, Rob McElhenney has been carving out his own little entertainment empire. Since creating It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (which was developed with co-star Glenn Howerton), he co-created the Apple TV+ show Mythic Quest. On that show, he stars as Ian Grimm, the creator of a massively popular fantasy MMORPG; the show has received critical acclaim and has been renewed for a third and fourth season. McElhenney has come a long way from a bit part in the cursed Brad Pitt-Harrison Ford thriller film The Devil’s Own, so hopefully he has a good sense of humor about receiving a urinal for his birthday. All jokes aside, it is always nice to see a superstar give someone else a gift for a change, and we are here to say, happy birthday, Rob McElhenney.