Ryan Reynolds Just Confirmed The Return Of The Best Deadpool Character?

Ryan Reynolds has been keeping things quiet in regard to Deadpool 3 casting announcements, but now he has confirmed the return of a fan favorite..

By James Brizuela | Published

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Ryan Reynolds is certainly not one to keep things secret in terms of the films that he is a part of. A huge rumor has been spun based on his last film, The Adam Project. The end of the film saw a Deadpool and Hulk sticker next to one another, leaving people to wonder if they would fight in the upcoming Deadpool 3 sequel. However, the actor has now confirmed that one of the best characters from the franchise is set to return. Quite honestly, she is the best character in the films. None other than Blind Al has been confirmed to return. Reynolds confirmed this detail on his Twitter page. You can see the exchange between the actors below:

While no one knew if a blind compatriot would work for Deadpool, Leslie Uggams brought an absolutely hilariousness to the character that shares space with the Merc with a Mouth. Ryan Reynolds and Uggams work so well with one another, and it’s fantastic to know that both will be paired together yet again. It has been years since we have seen the red-suited mercenary on screens. The last film came out in 2018 and there have been rumors flying for four years about who would be appearing in the film, and if Deadpool would finally enter the MCU in a big way. Now that Shawn Levy has been attached to direct, things are apparently starting to come together. Levy worked with Reynolds on the above-mentioned The Adam Project film. Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese have also returned to write the most recent draft of the script. The pair have worked on the first two films as well. This could mean that casting announcements will begin to fly.

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It seems as if the Deadpool 3 rumors will begin to be proven true or not in the coming weeks and months. With Blind Al returning, it could mean that Domino, Cable, Vanessa, and hopefully Juggernaut will also be returning in some way to the new installment. There have been no further casting announcements yet, and it has even been rumored that Morena Baccarin hasn’t even been told yet if she’s in the film. Ryan Reynolds could be playing things close to the chests, to keep the internet sleuths off the trail, but Blind Al returning is a huge step in the right direction. Deadpool 3 is in the early stages of production, so we likely won’t see the character return until 2023. That is unless Marvel pulls a fast one and shows him during the upcoming multiverse-laden films like Doctor Strange 2.

Ryan Reynolds has been quite a busy man as of late, with both Free Guy and The Adam Project doing quite well for the actor. However, fans have long been asking when he will return to the MCU. Deadpool is one of the most beloved characters that hasn’t quite been introduced to the grander characters within the Marvel universe. It’s about time for Wade Wilson to make himself known. Blind Al needs to be canonized as well because she is hilarious. Imagine her hanging with the Guardians of the Galaxy. These are just hopes, but lookout for more Deadpool announcements in the coming weeks.