Ryan Reynolds Newest Movie Teased A Deadpool And Hulk Team-Up? See The Pic

Shawn Levy and Ryan Reynolds are teaming up for Deadpool 3, and their new movie may have dropped a huge MCU easter egg for the future.

By James Brizuela | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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The newest Ryan Reynolds film concerns itself with sci-fi and time travel. The heartwarming film The Adam Project blends the best of 1980s science fiction films like Back to the Future, The Last Starfighter, and E.T. However, though the film has nothing to do with Marvel or the MCU, there is a small moment that happens which could serve as a bit of an easter egg for the franchise. Reynolds and the director for the film, Shawn Levy, have worked together before. Apart from The Adam Project, they recently worked together on Free Guy. Now the pair are set to take on Deadpool 3, and it seems that both Reynolds and Levy wanted to tease the world with what might happen in the threequel. You can see the image below:

deadpool easter egg

There is a moment in the film where the camera lingers on a storage bin in Adam’s garage. While fans might not have seen this moment in their first watch, the easter egg is unmistakable. There are two stickers placed on the bin, which include Deadpool and The Hulk. What is more interesting than the clear signs of these stickers is that The Hulk seems to be ready to fight Deadpool via the stickers showing the MCU hero with the action pose that it is in. Now, we get that these stickers can just be signifying that both Ryan Reynolds and Mark Ruffalo are in the film, it could also mean we are going to see a showdown between the two in Deadpool 3.

This will be the first time in which Shawn Levy is to take on the Marvel universe, but it could also be the most important for Deadpool, considering he has yet to truly appear in the MCU. If we are finally going to see the Merc with the Mouth, having him take on The Hulk would be perfect. Especially considering he has already battled with Juggernaut. With how The Hulk had hilariously partnered with Thor in Thor: Ragnarok, the same level of humor could be brought in Deadpool 3. Deadpool and Ryan Reynolds are perfect, and it is high time that the character was brought into the MCU officially. That could and would also make a lot more sense considering the expansion of the multiverse. Wade Wilson breaks the fourth wall all the time in the comics, and only he would understand that he’s in the multiverse, which could also bring another hilarious component to the upcoming film.

Ryan Reynolds and Mark Ruffalo work so well together, which is one of the main reasons why The Adam Project was enjoyable. This film could have been the primer to see how they would complement one another on-screen. This is all speculation, but hopefully, this means that Shawn Levy is planning on bringing Deadpool into the MCU in a huge way. What could be better than The Hulk beating Deadpool to a pulp? Probably nothing. Again, the stickers might just be a head nod to Ruffalo and Reynolds being in the MCU together and The Adam Project, or Levy is truly giving fans a look at what’s to come.