Orlando Bloom Is Marvel’s Next Big Villain?

An internet rumor has started which claims that Orlando Bloom is going to be the next big Marvel villain, and we have devised some of the best possibilites.

By James Brizuela | Published

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe is currently looking for a new big baddie to send the new heroes after, or rather, for a villain to send after the new growing list of heroes. Although there is a strong possibility that Kang the Conquerer will be the next formidable bad guy to be taken down, there is now a rumor being presented that Orlando Bloom has been cast in the main villain role for the future. This is just a rumor right now, but it could be true. You can see the rumor announced by The GeekyCast below:

If the above rumor has any sort of merit, who exactly would be taking over the villain role in the MCU? Furthermore, who would Orlando Bloom be playing? The MCU has already had Ultron, who was nowhere near as menacing and destructive as his comic counterpart is. Also, Thanos was just wiped from existence in the last phase of films. Now, we have the previously mentioned Kang. This time-traveling assailant was first featured in Loki, portrayed by Johnathan Majors. Kang is also going to be the main villain for Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. However, he has not been mentioned as appearing in any other projects for now. That really leaves one person, Dr. Doom.

Although Fox has attempted to rewrite the history of the Fantastic 4 a couple of times and basically failed, there has not been an MCU version of this time. Fans became wildly excited when John Krasinski appeared in Doctor Strange 2 as Reed Richards. That led to speculation that he could reprise that role and direct the film. He has had some major success in the directing department with the A Quiet Place franchise. Honestly, Orlando Bloom might make a perfect Doctor Doom. Doom is one of the most feared villains in all of Marvel, despite the already cultivated film adaptations of the character. He is so powerful that he killed Thanos in an arc of the comics. He would make the most sense as the next big baddie.

Another interesting choice would be to have Orlando Bloom come into the MCU as a new version of either Magneto or Galactus. Replacing Sir Ian McKellen or even Michael Fassbender as the metal controlling titan does sound like blasphemy, but there has not been an actual introduction of the mutants into MCU continuity. Well, apart from Charles Xavier also making his way into Doctor Strange 2, miraculously portrayed by Sir Patrick Stewart. What we are saying is that should this rumor be true, Bloom has a good number of choices for some of the biggest threats within Marvel’s long-standing mythos.

Take all rumors with a grain of salt, as the internet can often run away with its own imagination. Orlando Bloom is making a bit of an acting comeback, and what better way to bring him back to superstardom than to have him enter the MCU. If we had to bet on someone he could portray, it would be Doctor Doom. This is still only a rumor, so think of it what you will. It is possible, but let’s hold our belief for a bit longer on this one.