Nicolas Cage Anticipated Sequel Adds To Cast And We Can’t Wait

By Jeffrey Rapaport | Published

nicolas cage
  • Laura Harrier has been added to the Lords of War Cast
  • Lords of War will star Nicolas Cage, returning to his role from the first movie
  • Bill Skarsgård will play Nicolas Cage’s son in Lords of War

Nicolas Cage’s sequel to the excellent 2005 crime thriller Lord of War is aptly entitled Lords of War, and fans should be happy to know the project recently added Laura Herrier, of Spider-Man fame, to its stellar cast. For devotees of Cage, the original movie, and its saga of international arms dealing, this should come as very good news. 

Nicolas Cage Returning For Lords Of War

nicolas cage

Nicolas Cage will reprise his iconic role as Yuri Orlov, the world’s most notorious gunrunner. Excitingly, the sequel also introduces everybody’s favorite Viking, Bill Skarsgård, as Orlov’s newfound son, Anton. 

As any good arms-dealing flick should require, Anton yearns to more than merely follow in his father’s infamous footsteps but also to surpass Yuri’s ambition, ruthlessness, and infamy. 

Laura Herrier Joins The Cast

Joining Nicolas Cage in Lords of War, Harrier is famed for her breakout performance in Spider-Man: Homecoming—alongside her engaging role in the Academy Award-winning film by Spike Lee, BlacKkKlansman. 

While exact details about her contribution to the project remain under wraps, we know she’s set to play a major (though undisclosed) role, performing opposite the formidable duo of Cage and Skarsgård. 

Lords Of War Is About Father-Son

Doubtlessly, the intense tale of gunrunning, familial rivalry, and international intrigue will benefit from a fresh dynamic lent by her addition to the cast. 

With Harrier on board, and Skarsgård already in attendance, Nicolas Cage’s Lords of War is shaping up to draw sizable crowds

While it is certainly early in the development of the film, signs indicate the film’s inciting incident surrounds Yuri’s discovery of the existence of his son, Anton.

Yuri is dismayed to learn that Anton, also a gun-runner, has elevated the family business tradition (buying weapons cheaply and selling them for a profit) to new highs or lows, depending on your moral compass. 

Lords Of War Will Be A Rivalry

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The thriller ramps things up from there, as Anton, ever the ambitious if not prodigal son, seeks to expand business beyond mere gunrunning.

Make no mistake: Nicolas Cage’s apple that fell close to the tree intends to ensure Lords of War contains as many explosions as possible by building a mercenary army–one engaged in America’s conflicts in the Middle East. 

The story also interestingly combines an Oedipal complex, of sorts, with the arms-dealing thrills we would expect. Father and son share a rivalry fueled not only by differing philosophies—but also a conflict over the same woman, contributing a personal stake to their professional competition. 

Laura Harrier Star On The Rise

Filmmaker Andrew Niccol, who initially directed Lord of War, will once again occupy the director’s chair for the upcoming sequel.

Hopefully, the meditation on moral ambiguity and thrilling action characterizing the first film will once again accompany Nicolas Cage in Lords of War. With Niccol behind the camera, we think the likelihood is high. 

Harrier’s rising star in Hollywood is ascendant indeed. Her involvement in Lords of War comes on the heels of her notable performances in The Starling and the reboot of White Men Can’t Jump. Evidently, she’s a versatile actor, capable of attracting significant audiences worldwide. 

Nicolas Cage On As Producer

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Additionally, the first film’s two producers, Philippe Rousselet and Fabrice Gianfermi, are lending their talents once more; plus, Bill Skarsgård not only co-stars but serves as an executive producer, himself, illustrating his vested interest in the project’s success.

Lastly, none other than Nicolas Cage will share production duties on Lords of War, as well, through his Saturn Films banner. 

Source: Deadline