1990s Serial Killer Thriller With Star-Studded Cast Rediscovered And Restored

By Britta DeVore | Published

  • A 1999 Owen Wilson-led thriller gets the attention it deserves.
  • The Minus Man acquires a 2k restoration and gets a Blu-ray release.
  • Owen Wilson stars as Vann Siegert, an unsuspecting and sadistic serial killer.
  • Physical copies come with new director commentary and a limited edition slipcase.

If you were asked to name one Owen Wilson movie, it would more than likely be a comedy title like Zoolander or maybe even one of his pieces with his pal and long-time collaborator, Wes Anderson. Some may be surprised to learn that one of Wilson’s best performances saw him playing a ruthless serial killer in Hampton Fancher’s 1999 thriller, The Minus Man. With the production making its way onto Blu-ray, souped up with a restorative new look, now’s the time for fans to add this classic piece of pulse-pounding cinema to their at-home collection.

Owen Wilson Stars In The Minus Man

In The Minus Man, Owen Wilson stars as Vann Siegert. A man with no direction in life, Siegert makes a reckless and bizarre move when he decides to become a Dexter-like serial killer who murders those whom he sees as looking for a way out.

After his first kill goes off without a hitch, Vann moves in with Jane (Mercedes Ruehl) and Doug Durwin (Brian Cox), whose relationship is one of toxicity and torment. After finding a place to live and carrying out the semblance of a normal life, no one would guess that Vann is a sadistic killer stalking the streets on the lookout for his next victim.

The Minus Man Has Star Power

Along with Owen Wilson, Mercedes Ruehl, and Brian Cox, The Minus Man’s star count only continues to grow with other leading names that include singer-songwriters Sheryl Crow and Dwight Yoakam, Dennis Haysbert (24), Janeane Garofalo (Reality Bites), Eric Mabius (The L Word), and more.

Pulling the film’s story from the novel by Lew McCreary, not only did Fancher direct The Minus Man, but he also penned the screenplay. Aside from his directorial efforts on movies like this one, Fancher is also known as an incredibly talented writer, having written blockbuster titles including both installments in Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner franchise.

Bonus Features In The Blu-ray

When it comes to the special features that will arrive when The Minus Man Blu-ray drops, audiences can hear from Hampton Fancher himself as commentary from him and producer Fida Attieh sheds light on the process of completing the film. Other extras include a theatrical trailer and a limited edition o-card slipcase.

A Stand Out In Owen Wilson’s Career

owen wilson

It certainly wasn’t the biggest box office earner of Owen Wilson’s career, nabbing just over $370,000. Likewise, the film was met mixed reviews from critics. However, there’s no denying that The Minus Man is one of Wilson’s most captivating performances yet.

The project pulled an actor who had been typecast and gotten comfortable in a specific genre and launched him into a complicated role that showcased an entirely new set of skills. Add in the likes of Succession’s Brian Cox and other major players, and The Minus Man was bound for greatness even if it wasn’t a hit for everyone. 

When Does The Blu-ray Release?

For those who find themselves as dedicated followers of The Minus Man, the feature will make its restored Blu-ray arrival to shelves and online platforms on April 9. One of the more forgotten thrillers of the late ‘90s, there will still be plenty of fans eager to get their hands on this special release and screen it at their next movie night to spread the wealth of one of Wilson’s most overlooked roles. 

Source: Blu-ray.com