Netflix Reveals First Trailer For Onimusha Anime Adaptation

By TeeJay Small | Updated


Netflix seems to be on a major anime streak in recent months, with the streamer planning to continue adding hundreds of fan favorites and new anime series for the foreseeable future. Their latest foray into the medium is an adaptation of the hit Capcom video game Onimusha, with a worldwide premiere date set for November 2. The series’ official trailer has garnered a great deal of fanfare on Netflix’s official YouTube account, garnering hundreds of thousands of views in fewer than 24 hours.

Following the success of Castlevania, Netflix is adapting another video game, Onimusha, into an original anime series.

The English-subtitled trailer provides some incredible visuals, proving that the series will have an incredibly unique and flashy art style, which fans of the original Onimusha game will surely appreciate.

In addition to announcing the release date, the trailer also provides fans with a look into the cast and theme music for the series. The theme song for Onimusha will be “The Loneliest” by the hit Italian rock band Måneskin, providing a high-intensity jam sure to prevent even the most eager anime fan from pressing the skip intro button.

The original Capcom Onimusha game first premiered in 2001 and featured survival and action elements, bringing the series to a massive audience.

The cast of the upcoming Onimusha series includes Akio Ōtsuka as Musashi Miyamoto, Toshihiko Seki as Kojiro Sasaki, Houchu Ohtsuka as Kensuke Matsui, Daiki Yamashita as Sahei, Subaru Kimura as Goro-Maru, Katsuyuki Konishi as Heikuro, and many more iconic characters from the hit Capcom game. The series is set to be helmed by director Shinya Sugai, with a number of talented producers and a host of anime royalty on the creative team.

While the plot for the upcoming Onimusha series is being kept mostly under wraps, we know that the series will take place during the early Edo Period. The Edo Period signifies a time in the history of Japan in which peace and tranquility reigned following an era of intense violence and warfare, which left the nation scarred. According to information from Netflix, the series will follow an aging Musashi, armed with a mythical One Gauntlet, embarking upon an epic journey to slay demons and other supernatural monsters.


The original Capcom Onimusha game first premiered in 2001 and featured survival and action elements, bringing the series to a massive audience. Seven games were developed in the span of 10 years, but after that, the series has been forgotten.

A remaster of the original game, Onimusha: Warlords, was released in 2019, but other than that, there has been no news. While most fans have been waiting for the return of the franchise for the past several years, most could not have imagined a polished Netflix series of this scale to arrive.

Onimusha follows in the footsteps of Devil May Cry and Dragon’s Dogma, two other Capcom games that have gone to be adapted into anime.

The last time the franchise saw a nonanime adaptation was nearly 20 years ago, with the 2006 computer-animated film Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams. However, the Netflix series offers a wholly original take on the source material with a new supernatural lens, while Dawn of Dreams served as a compilation of PlayStation 2 cut scenes stitched into a feature film with a few added action set pieces. This means that the Netflix series will be the first proper adaptation the franchise has seen for the small screen.

As Netflix continues to shift many resources toward creating hit anime series, such as the upcoming Scott Pilgrim anime as well as Gamera: Rebirth, it seems clear that the streamer has fully embraced the popular multifaceted genre. Onimusha is set to premiere on the streamer on November 2.