See Michael J. Fox Receive A Huge Honor

Michael J Fox received a standing ovation at the premiere of his new documentary Still: A Michael J. Fox Movie.

By Britta DeVore | Published

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Proving that his larger-than-life legacy continues to follow him, Michael J Fox took the stage at the Sundance Film Festival to deafening cheers and roaring applause as the audience stood up to pay their respects to the Back to the Future star. The actor was there for the premiere screening of his new documentary, Still: A Michael J. Fox Movie, which shines a light on not only his career but also his alcoholism and battle with Parkinson’s disease. In a clip, which you can see above, Fox and the film’s director Davis Guggenheim walked to their seats on stage as the credits rolled with the audience going crazy in front of them. 

According to Variety, Michael J Fox and Davis Guggenheim paired up for a short Q&A to follow the in-depth film. During its Sundance screening, it quickly became apparent that the Family Ties star wasn’t planning on holding anything back from the cameras as they followed him around during his daily life. From stumbles and slips that have led to broken bones and more bruises than he can count, Fox is very open about his struggle with Parkinson’s.

At its core, Parkinson’s forces those carrying the brain disorder to move in uncontrollable motions which leads to balancing issues. The disease typically gets worse as the years go on with many of those afflicted left struggling to walk and talk. An open book, not only does Michael J Fox share his experience in what will be an Apple TV+ feature, but he also answered even more questions with audiences at the film’s Q&A.

During his chat with the crowd, the actor revealed that some days he has a very difficult time wrapping his head around this new and scary world saying that at points he has “certainly got disappointed with the way things were going.” And, of course, with the disease affecting so much of his life, it’s completely understandable why Michael J Fox would have some bad days in the mix. But, the sunshine-filled vibes always persevere as he realizes that he leads a wonderful life filled with his wife and four children, a close family who act as his fiercest supporters.

Furthermore, Michael J Fox understands that he may have more of a privileged life than many others facing Parkinson’s, adding that he hopes to be “an example” for others living with the disease. He also said that through his work both on-screen and off, he’ll be a beacon of hope for others to “help them deal with their issues.” In one word, he would say that he’s “lucky” as he recognizes that he’s had a lengthy career in an industry that he loves, creating projects that he’s proud of. 

Michael J Fox

A true staple of ‘80s teen comedy culture, Michael J Fox is perhaps best known for his role opposite Christopher Lloyd in the Back to the Future franchise. He also starred in hit movies like Teen Wolf, Mars Attacks!, and Stuart Little as well as the iconic ‘80s sitcom, Family Ties. In 1991, at the height of his career, the actor was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and has remained an adamant advocate for its research since then. Still will arrive on Apple TV+ later this year.