Matthew Lillard Has Created A Totally New, Decentralized Way To Make Movies

By James Brizuela | 1 month ago

matthew lillard

The way of the NFT seems to have taken over the world. This new era form of trading collectibles in the digital world seems to be the next fad that has swept through everything. On top of celebrities staking their claim in the digital artwork space, filmmakers have also joined the fray. Kevin Smith announced his newest film would be turned into a collection of NFTs, where the fans who purchase these collectibles can then make movies of their own based on the character they purchase. Now it appears as if Matthew Lillard is joining this same level of filmmaking. Lillard has teamed up with director, Bill Whirity, for a new Decentralized Movie Studio aka Midnight Movie Club.

This new movie studio is said to make the process of filmmaking and put it in the hands of dedicated fans. Matthew Lillard was made famous for appearing in the Scream franchise, and the live-action version of Scooby-Doo. Now it appears as if he is joining Whirity to offer fans a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make movies that they want to see. The whole premise of their new studio is to create films based on communal efforts. All the voting for whatever film they make will be completely transparent and fair. While understanding NFTs is surely difficult, it sounds as if anyone who buys into this studio via these digital means of treading will then be allowed to vote on whatever film is made next, and what genre it will be. Right now, Midnight Movie Club is focusing on Sci-fi, Horror, Action/Adventure, and Fantasy. Depending on how popular their first venture is, this could be the next wave of how films are made. The studio is currently working on a high-concept vampire film called, Let Them Die. Whatever high concept means.

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According to the Midnight Movie Club, they believe that NFT and blockchain technology are going to revolutionize how the world is in the next few years or so. People who want in on this exclusive club will have to purchase an NFT, which acts as a sort of gym membership. This membership will allow fans to partake in speaking on which films they want to see made and how they are made. While voting is certainly chock full of democracy, this could be a mess. The problem with giving people free rein to select movies is that genre-blending might turn each project into a literal nightmare. Sometimes it’s best not to mess with the formula of making things, otherwise, too many hands could cause whatever is being made to blow up. However, this is still a rather interesting idea that Matthew Lillard has thought up. Someone get on suggesting a Scooby-Doo Western.

The Midnight Movie Club is set to start soon, and those who buy into the NFT craze can purchase their way into the Matthew Lillard-led production company. Fans who buy their way in will also be treated to plenty of behind-the-scenes photos, audition tapes, videos, concept, and storyboard art, and private screenings. When all is said and done, that’s not a bad deal for those who love the art of filmmaking.