Lori Loughlin Is Out Of Jail And Is Reprising Her Most Popular Character

By Faith McKay | 2 weeks ago

Lori Loughlin

Lori Loughlin is still on probation. When Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin were both convicted of bribing elite colleges to gain their children entrance to the schools, the public was outraged. Loughlin was let go from the family-friendly series When Calls the Heart during its sixth season. She also exited Netflix’s Fuller House. She served two months in prison. By all accounts, it seemed like the actress would be canceled. It seemed like it would be difficult for her to pick up the types of roles she was known for after her public scandal. Now, the actress who built her acting career on family-friendly roles, often in Hallmark productions, is back. In fact, according to what Deadline has learned, she’ll be reprising her role as Abigail Stanton on the When Calls the Heart spinoff series When Hope Calls.

Many suspected this may be the case when she recently had a court date. A judge granted Lori Loughlin the right to travel to Canada for a week, the filming location for When Hope Calls. She’ll be playing Abigail Stanton in the two-part premiere for season two of the series. Titled When Hope Calls: A Country Christmas, the premiere will find the show’s characters getting ready for the holiday without truly embracing the Christmas spirit. The town of Brookfield hosts a festival every year. This year, a photographer is coming to take photos for a magazine of the country’s best Christmas towns, and everyone is so preoccupied with getting that right, they’ve lost the spirit of the holiday.

lori loughlin when hope calls

While that storyline is happening, a stagecoach will arrive in town. Out walks Abigail Stanton, Lori Loughlin’s character from When Calls the Heart. She’ll be joined by her son and a troubled boy she’s bringing to the town’s orphanage. In the second part of the premiere, it’s said that she’ll have a profound conversation with a friend from the past, but the description doesn’t specify who. It sounds like she’ll be meeting with a surprise character from the original show.

Fans of When Calls the Heart will hopefully be able to find some closure for Abigail Stanton in the premiere of When Hope Calls. It’s unknown if Lori Loughlin will only be reprising her role for this two-part premiere or if she may return to the show in the future. Likely, the network is holding off on making this decision until they see how the public reacts to her on-screen return.

It’s interesting to see that Lori Loughlin is able to return to the role while freshly out of prison. Today, there is a lot of discussion around cancel culture. Many celebrities claim to be afraid of it. Some stars who seem to be canceled end up working again in the very same roles. Others, like Gina Carano, are fired from one company but hired by another. What offenses are forgivable by audiences? Which ones mean you’ll never work again? For Lori Loughlin, it seems she’s going to be able to get right back to work.