John Cena Being Cancelled For Homophobia, See The Video

John Cena looks to be getting cancelled on social media for accusations of homophobia!

By Michileen Martin | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Just as the actor and wrestler was starting to make a reputation as one of pop culture’s most interesting superheroes, there’s a new campaign on Twitter to get John Cena cancelled.

Specifically, the offended parties are circulating video clips from an interview with John Cena on The Howard Stern Show from 2006. In the interview, Cena is asked about the wrestler Chris Kanyon who would tragically commit suicide four years later. He tells Stern that Kanyon wasn’t a good wrestler and that specifically he wasn’t good at entertaining crowds. It’s these comments that seem to have some on Twitter trying to get John Cena cancelled. There’s another clip with Kanyon himself speaking with Stern. You can watch the video clips below.

It seems strange at first for the account posting the video clips, Catch Wrestling U, to try to get John Cena cancelled since nothing the wrestler says in the clip is blatantly homophobic. He only mentions that Chris Kanyon came out as gay after he was fired by because, as you learn in the second clip, Kanyon claims he was released from his contract not for his performance but because of homophobia. However, in a subsequent tweet, Catch Wrestling U explains that Cena’s comments didn’t take place “in a vacuum.” The account accuses Cena of being an apologist and of dismissing Kanyon’s claims out of hand.

But rather than seeing John Cena cancelled, what seems to be trending a lot more is the cancellation of the attempt to cancel him. Few, if any, Twitter users seem to be rallying behind Catch Wrestling U. Instead, what you see are posts doing everything they can to prove John Cena is anything but homophobic, and they seem to be doing a pretty good job. For example, there’s Marissa Williams, who posts a screenshot from an interview with Cena in which he was asked about the wrestler Darren Young coming out.

Then there’s RYANG6916, who clearly doesn’t want to see John Cena cancelled. He posts “John Cena ain’t homophobic” with a facepalming emoji and a video clip from John Cena talking about the subject with Larry King. Both men are very clear in regards to how they feel about the issue.

Lady Charlotte also has a bone to pick with the idea of having John Cena cancelled. She posts a screenshot from a report of the same Larry King interview, which quotes Cena as calling homophobes “downright ignorant” as well as pointing out Cena supported his own brother when he came out as gay.

Some didn’t offer any proof of the wrestler’s acceptance of the LGBTQ community, but rather simply expressed confusion at the idea that Cena saying another wrestler wasn’t good was somehow the same thing as expressing homophobic opinions worth of getting John Cena cancelled.

One of the most unique posts came from Trusty Slab, who unapologetically slams Cena while still saying the video clip isn’t proof of homophobia. The Twitter user says Cena is a “company man” — even going so far as calling him a “soulless mouthpiece” — but while insisting the interview had nothing to do with homophobia, or anything else worthy of getting John Cena cancelled.

So apparently it isn’t as easy to get John Cena cancelled as some might think. All the traction gained from the attempt seems to be going in the opposite direction, and for now it seems like the career of the man who brought Peacemaker to the screen is more than safer for now.