WWE Shocks Fans By Firing One Of Their Biggest Stars

By Tristan Zelden | 2 months ago

wwe fiend bray wyatt

After 12 years wrestling for WWE, three-time world champion Bray Wyatt has been let go by the organization.

The WWE gave no comment or indication about this decision. Reportedly, it was to cut costs as COVID-19 has impacted business. If that is the case for Bray Wyatt, that will line up with other people being released due to money.

Bray Wyatt got his start with NXT in 2010. Including his lineage in the world of wrestling by being the son of former WCW and WWE star Mike Rotunda and nephew of Barry Windham, he made quite the splash. Known as The Fiend, he became a part of a group with Luke Harper, Erik Rowan, and Braun Strowman. They became top players at NXT and eventually the WWE. During his career, he held the WWE champion title once and twice as the Universal champion. In addition, he held the Raw and SmackDown Tag Team championships.

wwe fiend bray wyatt

The last appearance made by the wrestler in the WWE was back in April for WrestleMania 37. He had a Firefly Fun House segment in which he competed as his label, The Fiend, against Randy Orton, who ended up winning the match.

One of his co-stars, Alexa Bliss, gave her reaction to the news. She said she is “in shock” and praised Bray Wyatt’s talent and said that it was “the most fun” she has had while on the clock as been with him. Since she wrote her response to the news, she made her Twitter private.

Social media has exploded over the announcement made by the WWE. One of the most notable people outside of the realm of crazy costumes and body-slamming people, artist BossLogic tweeted a GIF of his response.

During Bray Wyatt’s stint as the cult leader in his wrestling crew, The Wyatt Family, his departure from the WWE means that nobody from that group is a part of the organization anymore. Some Twitter users were posting pictures remembering the original lineup.

Not all of the responses were remembering the wrestler’s history with WWE. Some came to criticize it for dismantling its roster. Bray Wyatt is not the first to go this year, and at this rate, he might not be the last. Others who have departed, many of which have been between the last two months, include Arturo Ruas, Marina Shafir, Killian Dain, Sunil Singh, and Samir Singh of Bollywood Boyz, and more. One of the replies to the WWE was a clip of former wrestler turned actor Dave Bautista (Guardians of the Galaxy) saying, “What the hell has happened to this business?” Meanwhile, someone posted a picture of Wyatt with a chainsaw, which is from his comedic Firefly Fun House skits, and wrote, “This is what you’re doing right now to your roster.”

Video game critic and host of the Down to Play video game-based podcast, Paul Hunter, tweeted that this decision from the WWE is a “huge mistake.” He also said that it keeps “going downhill.”

As of writing, Bray Wyatt has not commented on his release from the WWE. If he wants to continue his career, he can surely find other avenues with other organizations.